Lenovo laptops are not getting the H.264 encoding codec feature since April, and that’s a big problem for gamers who use these computers. If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, this is something to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Lenovo laptops are not getting the H.264 encoding codec feature since April. The lenovo bios update is a software update that fixes this issue and enables the laptop to get the H.264 encoding codec feature again.

Lenovo was recently accused of quietly removing an essential functionality from BIOS upgrades. As of today, we know that certain Legion laptops just got a BIOS upgrade that quietly disabled the function. This specific update is only available to Lenovo Legion laptop customers in Germany.


Many people have posted about this issue on Lenovo’s forum. The H.264 encoding codec is one of the features that has been eliminated by the upgrade. Nvidia uses the codec in order to execute Shadowplay. Software that supports NVENC encoding also uses the encoders.

Users reported crashing problems with Shadowplay, OBS failing to record/stream, and even the Oculus Quest 2 failing to broadcast video when the encoder was silently removed. Lenovo did not offer any information on the feature’s withdrawal. The only option to solve the problem was to return to an older BIOS, however this method does not work with the current model.

This problem seems to be limited to laptops sold or used in Germany. The primary reason for this move may be directly related to a legal dispute between Nokia and Lenovo. However, we do not have any formal confirmation on this.


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Lenovo laptops are not getting the H.264 encoding codec feature since April, which is a problem for users who want to use their laptop with Skype or other video conferencing apps that require H.264 encoding. Reference: lenovo nokia germany.

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