In this guide, we will go over all the Achievements and Collectibles for Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 for all platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Life is Strange 2 is an episodic game by Square Enix, the same company that brought us the original Life is Strange. This time around, the game tells the story of Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student who discovers she has the ability to rewind time (you can read more about Max’s strange powers here).

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 is almost here and we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to help you get through everything.. Read more about life is strange 2 episode 2 achievements and let us know what you think.

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On May 9, the third episode of Life is Strange 2 was released, prompting a flurry of gamers to return to Dontnod Entertainment’s newest offering. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide to earning all nine milestones and collecting all six collectibles in the current episode of the game.

American Graffiti is the first achievement.

The first accomplishment you’ll be able to get is very straightforward. Simply begin any sketch at any time throughout the program. There will be many opportunities for you to scribble a quick drawing. However, towards the beginning of the episode, one of the most obvious prompts may be seen near your tent. Simply approach the adjacent stump as seen above and follow the “Sit and Draw” instruction.

The Dharma Bums are the second achievement.


The second accomplishment is earned by locating the episode’s first collectible. You won’t have to go far from the stump where you made your drawing to do this. As seen above, approach the dog exactly close to the stump and follow the instruction “Pet.”

The dog will then go to a different place. When asked, follow the dog and pet it once more. The dog will then move for the third and last time. The dog will then dig out a tiny bird’s skull behind Jacob’s tent, which you may pick up for the episode’s first collectable and second accomplishment. In the image below, the skull may be seen.


Train of Thought (Achievement #3)


You’ll need to do well in the mini-game for the following achievement. In a mini-game throughout the episode, you will be cutting marijuana leaves. Before the discussion comes to a close, you must successfully chop at least eight plants.

After then, gaze into the pile of leaves at the table’s middle. You’ll see a pen, which is shown in the image below. Pick up the item to unlock the third accomplishment and the following collectable.


No Hugs Given (Achievement #4)


You’ll want to wait till you’ve returned to camp for the following accomplishment. Finn will ultimately walk away after having a chat with him. Keep an eye on him. Finn will take a seat against a tree at the camp’s edge and begin carving a piece of wood, as seen above.

Make contact with Finn. Finn will throw the piece of wood he has been carving behind the adjacent tree a few minutes after you conclude your discussion. Pick up the carving to unlock the next accomplishment and get the next item.


Green Thumbs (Achievement #5)

You may begin your quest for the next collection and accomplishment after you’ve completed your tasks. You’ll ultimately run across Danielle out by the lake, having a chat with her. Turn around once the discussion is over and begin examining the map’s edge near all of the fallen logs. A fossil may be found under one of the logs, which is your next collectable and accomplishment to unlock. The object is shown in the following image.


Dancing Days is the sixth achievement.


For the next collectable and accomplishment, wait until you return to the camp at night. When you see a party going on, you know you’ve arrived at the appropriate place in the game.

To start obtaining your tattoo and Cassidy’s suggestion to meet her at the lake, speak with her. Do not, however, go to the lake first. Instead, go to the campfire and speak with Ingrid.


Ingrid will then tell you that she is planning to toss away some of her things, but you are welcome to take some of them. Then go to Ingrid’s tent to get the memento that’s there in front of you. The next accomplishment will be unlocked as a result of this.


Achievement #7: We’re All in This Together


You’ll have to wait until the heist task appears to get the last item and the following achievement. You have two options for how you wish to carry out the robbery. You may, however, obtain what you need from either route.

Check the adjacent vehicle doors after Daniel smashes open the fence if you organized the robbery with Finn and Daniel. A “search” section will be launched as a result of this. A yellow locker will be hidden behind a neighboring pickup truck. Utilize Daniel’s abilities to unlock the locker. The “cartridge” you need will be found on the top shelf of the locker.

You will still have to check the vehicle doors when you reach the heist location later if you decided to meet up with Cassidy rather than plot the robbery with Finn and Daniel. Then take the tools from the adjacent bench and unlock the locker to get the cartridge.

The Chronicles of the Lost Boys (Achievement #8)

This accomplishment is very straightforward. To unlock this one, you must locate all of the collectibles inside the episode. If you followed the instructions above, you should have already found all six items and achieved this accomplishment.

Adrift is the ninth achievement.

This accomplishment is straightforward as well. To get this accomplishment, just complete the episode in its entirety. After that, you should have access to all nine achievements as well as all six collectibles in Life is Strange 2: Episode 3.

For more help on Life is Strange 2: Episode 3, check out the following guide which brings you the full details on everything you can do in Life is Strange 2: Episode 3. You can check it out and have a look-see.. Read more about life is strange 2 souvenirs episode 3 and let us know what you think.

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