Microcenter, a major computer hardware store in the US, has announced that it will be taking stricter steps to stop GPU scalping.

Microcenter are taking stricter steps to stop GPU scalping. The issue is that people buy cards in bulk, then resell them at a higher price.

GPU prices have risen to unfathomable heights in recent years. Scalpers are one of the causes of this problem. Many merchants and distributors, on the other hand, are unconcerned about them. However, some people are more concerned with the end-users than with the unit’s sale.

We came across a post by a guy called u/cubiclewarrior50 on Reddit, where he uploaded a picture of a notice board outside a Micro Center shop. The picture clearly states that every user who is going to purchase a video card must provide a valid photo ID evidence, and that the quantity will be restricted to one unit per customer for a 30-day period.


This sort of effort on the seller’s part is much appreciated, as it will at the very least assist some customers in getting their hands on their preferred GPU. We’re all aware that GPUs are difficult to come by these days, particularly the newest models, owing to miners and chip shortages.

Additionally, there are scalpers who are presently stockpiling them up and then selling them for three times the original MSRP. In the same thread, a few additional users indicate that they have also posted notice of their current supply so that consumers do not have to wait in line.

This sort of effort from certain sellers is much appreciated, and we want to see more vendors come out and join the same cause, namely, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.


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Microcenter are taking stricter steps to stop GPU scalping. The company has implemented new policies that will prevent people from buying the same graphics card repeatedly and reselling them for a profit. Reference: when will gpu and cpu prices drop.

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