Minecraft is a game that allows players to build imaginary worlds. The game was originally released in 2009 by Mojang, but it was later acquired by Microsoft. Since this acquisition, Microsoft has released newly updated versions of the game, including the 1.12 update, which added the Bedrock Edition.

The Minecraft world map and biome list is a work in progress, but we’re hoping to up the quality of our data and make it easier for people to find their favorite biomes. Biome names and numbers are up to date as of the snapshot 16w03a (Summer Update) and we’ve also added a new biome category, Ice Plains.

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Biomes are locations in Minecraft that have a variety of geographical characteristics. Biomes are primarily used to divide each Minecraft-generated world into a distinct environment.

I wanted to visit as many biomes as possible as a Minecraft player. However, I had no idea how many biomes my Minecraft map included. I narrowed down a full list of these biomes after extensive study.

In Minecraft, how many biomes are there?

In Minecraft, there are 79 distinct biomes, including 67 Overworld biomes, 5 Nether biomes, 5 End biomes, and 2 new biomes. The biomes are classified into five groups (Lush, Snowy, Cold, Dry, and Ocean). All of these Biomes are available to add to your server.

Continue reading to get a complete list of biomes that are accessible in your Minecraft world.

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A-Z of Minecraft Biomes

All Minecraft players like exploring different biomes. I’ll give you with a full list of biomes, along with the biome ID, to spice up your exploration. Use a biome finder to find biomes you haven’t yet visited.

The following is a list of all biomes found in Minecraft:

Ocean Biomes are a kind of aquatic biome that is made up of water and loots. When exploring the ocean, you may travel to a depth of around Y=45. The ocean biome is known for its amazing underwater ruins and ocean monuments.

You may easily discover a hidden treasure or spawn piece here.

The ocean bottom is 30 blocks deep and made mostly of gravel. As a result, underwater exploration is considerably more difficult in this biome.


Underwater ruins may be found in the Ocean Biome, ranging in size from huge towns to solitary destroyed cottages. They are common and come in both cold and warm varieties. Loots are best found in ocean biomes. It’s a wonder to find treasure amid oceanic ruins.

Lukewarm ocean, warm ocean, deep ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, cold ocean, deep cold ocean, frozen ocean, and deep-frozen ocean are some of the ocean biomes. Ocean biomes may cover up to 30,000 square kilometers. Ocean biomes cover about 60 percent of the Overworld Biomes.

The Swamp Biome is ideal for slime cultivation. This location offers a good supply of almost all types of materials. Several mushrooms may be found here. Pigs and sheep are always present in Swamp Biomes.


There’s also a frightening aspect to these eerie marsh biomes. There will be a plethora of Witch Huts to be found. This ecosystem is also home to witches. If you’re in survival mode, be cautious at night.

In this biome, chickens are constantly accessible, so you’ll never run out of protein. Only this biome has witch houses, Blue Orchids, and lily pads. If you need sugar cane, the swamp biome is always the greatest option. Slimes only spawn at night in the swamp biome. However, you may not be able to see them well since they drown because they don’t have enough water to swim in.

Swamp Habitat is the wettest and muddiest biome in the game. So don’t plan on camping in this area. Stay away from aggressive creatures by using the minecraft kill command.

The jungle biome is known for its jungle trees, jungle timber, ocelots, cacao, and melons, among other things. There are many jungle temples in this area where you may find a lot of excellent treasure. It’s easy to get lost in this area at night since the large jungle trees become quite dark and disorienting. Items such as diamond horse armor, bones, and gold ingots may be found here.


In Minecraft, what is a Jungle Temple?

Only found in the Jungle Biome, jungle temples are constructed stoned temples composed of mossy cobblestones. To enter the Jungle Temple, you must first locate the temple’s entrance.

Cocoa beans are a necessary ingredient in many culinary preparations. It’s advantageous that cocoa beans can be harvested rapidly. The jungle biome is where you’ll find the finest Melons. You may even discover several melons together if you’re fortunate.

The jungle trees are so densely packed together that hostile creatures may spawn in this environment.

There are many desert settlements as well as temples to be found here. Sand dunes and sandstone make up this biome. Sugar cane and cactus are likely to be found. This Biome receives the least amount of rainfall. In addition, there is a scarcity of water in this location. The Desert Biome is where you’ll discover the most treasure. This is due to the presence of Desert temples in biomes like this.


In Minecraft, what are Desert Temples?

Desert temples are structures in Minecraft that are full of treasure and found only in the Desert Biomes. It takes three sandstone types to form a Desert Temple, sandstone stairs & orange and blue Terracotta. All the materials have a specified meaning.

The towers in front of you, with their orange terracotta structure, resemble the Ankh, an Egyptian emblem. The Desert Temple has a blue terracotta block in the middle, which when broken will expose a treasure chamber with four chests holding the wealth. Minecraft saddles are easy to get by.

This biome is one of the most difficult to come across in Minecraft. This biome has a high concentration of gold ores. This biome is distinct from the others in that it is the only one that seems to be orange.


In Minecraft, what is the Mesa Biome?

Mesas are similar to desert biomes, except they have more canyons and are made out of red sand, cactus, dead plants, and plateaus with just red sands in thick layers.

If you ever visit the desert, you will notice the difference immediately. The Bryce is more reddish-orange in color than the typical desert. You’ll observe canyons in this biome, which are unique to this area. Mesa Plateau is likewise made mostly of hardened clay blocks.

Plateaus are the structures that make up the landscape. Mesa Biome’s best-decorated canyons are Plateau F, Plateau M, and Plateau F M.

This biome has a lot of Dark Oak trees, thus you can get a lot of wood from it. Mushrooms may also be found here. Many people claim there is a Woodland Mansions here, but I have yet to locate one. This is an ideal location for establishing a covert base.


Because of the thick trees and oaks that thrive in this habitat, it is also known as Dark Forest. The Darkwood Biome is similar to the Roofed Biome. Other than the mushroom island biome, it is the only location to locate large mushrooms.

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Tundra biomes come in a variety of forms, including snowy biomes. The majority of the area is coated with ice, giving it a white appearance. There aren’t a lot of creatures around here. This biome is home to polar bears and rabbits. Villagers living in igloos may be found here. Use the Biome Finder app to quickly find this uncommon biome.

The ice plains biome is the rarest of all, apart from the Mesa Biome. The primary characteristic is packed ice, which is not the same as regular ice. The cold biome also includes cold extreme hills. In this biome, the quantity of hostile creatures is decreased to some degree.

If you like horseback riding, this is the biome plains for you. In Minecraft, it is the most frequent biome. Because there is so much room, you can construct anything you want. The greatest biome for survival mode is this one. This biome is where all of Minecraft’s roaming and survival experiments take place.


You may also construct a mansion, breed people, and do thrilling tasks with the use of various command keys. To find a community and breed them, use the Village Finder. You may also exchange emeralds and other items with the merchants in this area.


Extreme hills, in any case, are a location where you will not be bored. This location is full with mysteries as well as many fountains. It is one of the rarest biomes on the planet. The lava and fountains that pour from the high rocks here are beautiful. In addition, this biome has no aggressive creatures.

For a particular reason, Minecraft’s Extreme Hills are incredible. Emerald ores are exclusively found in this environment. Trade the emerald ores for a large sum of money with the village merchants. Spruce trees, in addition to Emerald ores, are plentiful in this Biome.

One of the most appealing biomes is this one. It is densely forested with trees and flowering plants. There are lots of oak and birch trees. There are a variety of creatures in the floral biome. Its rough terrain appeals to me. Caves may also be found here.


This new Biome was just introduced to the most current Minecraft version. Flower Forest, Flower Hills, Flower Hills M, and Flower M are the four types of flower biomes.

Because of the highly fragrant trees and flowers, Flower Biomes resembles the Birch Biome. Tulips can only be found in this Forest Flower Biome. The Sunflower Plains are a sub-biome that is connected to another biome.

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The mushroom biome is one of the most recent biomes to emerge. There are gigantic Mushrooms everywhere, as well as a scarcity of hostile mobs. You may also find a large number of tiny mushrooms here. Animals may be found, but residents are hard to come by.

Mushroom Island biomes are among Minecraft’s most attractive and resourceful biomes.


Tundra biomes are desolate, snowy landscapes with no trees. Although ice may be found overwater in this biome, it is not the same as the icy plains biome. Snow is a frequent occurrence in tundras with little rainfall. In this biome, you’ll discover rabbits and a handful of polar bears.

The Taiga biome is a flat habitat with spruce trees covering it. Ferns and berry bushes are abundant in this area. Wolves, foxes, and bunnies may all be found in this environment. Villages may be found in this biome. The homes in the hamlet are made of spruce wood.


Cold taiga, tree taiga, and mega taiga are the three biomes found here. The cold taiga may also be found in the cold biomes section. The taiga biomes are not connected to one other.


The drab, dry grass, black oak, and acacia trees dominate this biome. Horses and llamas both reproduce naturally in this area. Also present are broken savanna biomes with very steep high hills. Climbing this 90-degree slanted mountain is difficult. In this biome, you may come across some birch trees and sugar cane.

Where the mountain biomes meet the water, the stone shore biome emerges. Depending on the height of the surrounding terrain, stone beaches form as medium coastlines or massive cliffs. This biome often generates or naturally spawns sand blocks, gloomy woods, and passive monsters.


This biome seems to be a cross between a mountain biome and a floating island habitat. Typically, these biomes are very tiny. There are no big mushrooms on this cliff.

There are five Nether biomes and five End biomes in addition to these biomes. When you visit the End cities, you will come across the Ender Dragon.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the most uncommon biome in Minecraft?

The biome Modified Jungle Edge is the rarest. When the Jungle joins the Swamp forest, this unique biome emerges. Acacia trees may be found in abundance in these new biomes.

What are the five primary biomes?

Aquatic, grassland, woodland, desert, and tundra are the five fundamental primary biomes.

In Minecraft, what are the seven ocean biomes?

Warm Ocean, Lukewarm Ocean, Cold Ocean, Deep Warm, Deep Lukewarm Ocean, Deep Cold, and Deep-frozen Ocean are the seven ocean biomes.

Last Thoughts

For all Minecraft gamers, exploring Minecraft Biomes is a necessity. It provides an incredible opportunity to explore the gorgeous Minecraft universe. Aside from the biomes mentioned in this article, there are additional biomes known as Lush Biomes. Lush Biomes can only be found in Mods.

Hopefully, our method of locating biomes in Minecraft was successful. Keep an eye out for more.

Do you need assistance with any biome? Simply leave a remark below!

During the development of Minecraft Biomes: All the Biomes, we realized that we did not know all the biomes of Minecraft and we wanted to know more! Therefore we did a research and we found that there are many biomes that we did not know and we wanted to know them all, we did the research and we found out that there were more than 100 biomes of Minecraft and we wanted to make a chart to know them all for Minecraft for all the biomes of Minecraft.. Read more about how many different biome types are there in minecraft and let us know what you think.

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There are currently six biomes in Minecraft, which are the plains biome, the desert biome, the taiga biome, the jungle biome, the swampland biome and the ice plains biome.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What are all the biomes in Minecraft 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are many biomes in Minecraft, but the most common ones are desert, savanna, taiga, and tundra.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the rarest Minecraft biome 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The rarest Minecraft biome is the End.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Minecraft biomes are there 2021?

There are currently six biomes in Minecraft, which are the plains biome, the desert biome, the taiga biome, the jungle biome, the swampland biome and the ice plains biome.

What are all the biomes in Minecraft 2021?

There are many biomes in Minecraft, but the most common ones are desert, savanna, taiga, and tundra.

What is the rarest Minecraft biome 2021?

The rarest Minecraft biome is the End.


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