Welcome to Mordhau, a popular game that is played on the World Wide Web. You can find this game on many online games platforms, dedicated websites, as well as a web browser.

Mordhau 15 is my current favorite multiplayer game. It’s a turn-based strategy game that’s similar to the classic PC game Railroad Tycoon, in which you own and manage a train company. You can choose from a number of different scenarios, such as World War II, the Roman Empire, or a fantasy world, and it’s all entirely free.

Mordhau is a turn-based strategy game from the creators of the legendary wargame “Wargame Series”, which is one of the well-known strategy games of all times. If you have never played wargames, the game may look complicated at first. The best way to understand it is to think of it like a chess game, only much more fun.. Read more about mordhau tips for beginners and let us know what you think.


Do you want to get the most out of your Mordhau adventure? Take a look at our instructions below.

Mordhau, a competitive medieval hack ‘n slash game, has been gaining a lot of traction since it was released on Steam on April 29. However, the game is not completely welcoming to newcomers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll soon find yourself on the receiving end of a broadsword. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide to some of the most essential Triternion’s Mordhau tips and techniques.

  • Keep an eye on your stamina meter. When you run out of stamina, you’ll be disarmed from your parries and chambers. As a result, your opponent will get a free hit. The majority of Mordhau’s moves will deplete your stamina. You may, however, commit to a simple slash or stab strike at no cost.
  • Ladders may be used to assault on occasion. You can use a one-handed weapon while ascending any ladder if you have one equipped.
  • Keep an eye out for ballistas. A single hit from a ballista can knock you out, so be cautious.
  • Keep an eye out for catapults. Catapult strikes, like ballista strikes, will kill you in a single hit. These siege weapons, on the other hand, inflict damage in a wide area.
  • When it comes to jousting, light horses usually win. Choose a light horse and a lance if you’re planning to joust with another player. This combo will almost always give you the upper hand.
  • Make the most of your horses. Using charging horses to stomp on opponents may be very effective. Horses, on the other hand, do not recover health, therefore you’ll want to get out of the congested areas of the battlefield as soon as possible. Beyond that, keep an eye out for opponents carrying polearms. These weapons have the ability to knock you off your horse.
  • Keep your pace up while couching from a horse. When couching from a horse, your speed affects the amount of damage you inflict. The more harm you inflict to your horse, the quicker it travels.
  • Make the most of your benefits. Second Chance, Bloodlust, Tenacious, Hunstman, Ranger, Friendly, and Dodge are all very useful perks to use. The following is a list of each perk in order of point cost.
Perk Cost of a Point Description
Acrobat 1 The cost of Jump Stamina has been lowered by 50%.
Fireproof 1 Fire damage is reduced by 80%.
Friendly 1 Damage done and absorbed by the team is reduced by 50%.
Cat 1 Reduces the amount of damage caused by falls by 50%.
Scavenger 1 When you kill an enemy, they drop everything they’re carrying, including their holstered weapons.
Ranger 1 When shooting a bow or crossbow, it allows you to move 15% faster.
Wrecker 1 Melee damage to buildings has risen by 50%.
Smith 1 The efficiency of repairs has improved by 50%.
Tenacious 2 Regeneration of passive health is 40% quicker.
Second Wind 2 On hit, the gain of stamina increases by 30%.
Bloodlust 2 Kill’s health has improved by 50%.
Fury 2 On kill, stamina increases by 66%.
Brawler 2 Increases the damage done by the fist
Huntsman 2 When an enemy is wearing a quiver, projectiles inflict 200 percent more damage.
Rat 2 Crouch movement speed increased by 10%, but footstep volume decreased by 75%.
Rush 3 When you kill an opponent, you’ll receive an instant mobility sprint boost.
a wound in the flesh 3 With the exception of headshots, fatal melee and projectile damage kills you after 5 seconds.
Peasant 8 Allows you to spawn with improvised weapons and limits your equipment and clothing to what a peasant might use.
Dodge 10 Instead of jumping, you may avoid by jumping backwards or to the sides.
  • Remember to wear your helmet at all times. Armor is not required in Mordau. Headshots are very hazardous, so you’ll want to get a helmet as soon as possible.
  • Some weapons have the ability to be thrown. Most weapons may be used with an alternative grip by pressing the “R” button. Pressing “R” will, however, throw any weapon that does not have an alternative grip.
  • There are commands for the console. If you’re a game administrator, there’s a list of console commands you can use to your benefit. Simply hit the ‘,’ or “End” key to perform a console command. The complete set of console commands may be seen below. Some instructions, such as “x ChangeSize,” may only be used in single player mode.
Commands for the console Result
lt;passwordgt; adminlogin To use any other command, it must first be performed.
adminlist This page lists the current administrators.
adminadd lt;STEAMID64gt; adminadd lt;STEAMID64gt; adminadd lt;STE Adds a new administrator to the list of administrators.
lt;STEAMID64gt; removeadmin Removes a user from the list of administrators.
lt;map namegt; changelevel This modifies the map.
restartlevel The map is restarted.
lt;integergt; addbots Bots are added to the map.
lt;integergt; removebots Bots are removed from the map.
lt;user name / steamid64gt; kick Takes a player out of the game.
lt;username / steamid64) ban The player is removed from the game.
lt;user name / steamid64) unban Removes a player’s suspension from the game.
banlist Displays a list of players that are presently banned.
exit The game is over.
disconnect You are no longer a member of the server.
name of the demorec Makes a demo tape
demostop Stops the demo from being recorded.
demoplay The demo is played.
Stat FPS The FPS counter is shown.
lt;valuegt; slomo Using a value of 0.5 will give you 50% speed, while using a number of 2 will give you 200% speed.
Slomo x The game’s pace will be altered.
PlayersOnly All active bots in the game are frozen, however they may be unfrozen by entering the command again.
ChangeSize x Increases or decreases the size of your character.
m.ShowCrosshair 0 m.ShowCrosshair 0 m.ShowCros Crosshairs are visible when toggled on, however they may be toggled off to conceal them again.
m.inverseattackdirection 1 m.inverseattackdirection 1 m.inverseattackdirection Attack controls are inverted.
  • There is a friendly fire present. During a game, if you unintentionally hit an ally, that ally will suffer damage. As a result, you’ll want to be cautious with your attacking blows.
  • Keep appropriate manners in mind. Despite the fact that it is not officially enforced inside the game, many players have learned to demonstrate respect for one another by doing specific acts. Below is a list of acts that are appropriate.
Action Response
Victory or defeat Always use a short “GG” or “GF” remark to congratulate your opponent.
Challenge When facing an opponent, bow or flourish your weapon to indicate that you’re ready to fight.
Battle Always keep an eye out for your teammates. Despite the odds, many players will sacrifice their lives in team modes to assist one another.
Disarm Allow your opponent to reclaim his weapon after you disarm him during a duel.
Skirmish Instead of ganging up on the player when it gets down to the final opponent in skirmish mode, let the player fight it out to the death.
  • Remember to take advantage of drags and accels. You can increase or decrease the speed of your attacks by turning towards or away from your opponent during the attack. Turning towards your opponent will accelerate the attack while turning away from your opponent will create a dragging effect and slow down the attack. This is an advanced technique and will likely take some time to master.
  • Try to provoke your opponent into a “panick parry.” Mordau fighting is mostly about reading your opponent. With that in mind, there will be plenty of occasions when your opponent parries one of your strikes incorrectly and exposes themself. To get your opponent to worry and utilize his parry ability too soon, use your footwork and feints.

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