There’s been a big increase in movies and games being released as both a movie and a video game. This can be a great way to diversify your entertainment and is a great way to maintain interest in a franchise that wasn’t handled well in the previous movie release.

Cinematic movies and video games have always had a strong bond, and there’s been a push for crossover between the two mediums for a while. Gaming and movies are superstars: they have the most powerful and fastest growing social media platforms, and the most beloved characters.

It’s always been the same sort of story. You’ve got your plucky young hero, a few original characters and some truly ridiculous villains, but the plot is always pretty straightforward. The whole thing starts out like a bad B-movie, but as the audience is sucked in, the action takes on a life of its own, and before you know it, you’re of the opinion that this is THE best movie ever.. Read more about movies about gamers and let us know what you think.

You can guarantee that marketers are scrambling to find out how to cash in on the current fad whenever anything is hot. This is how we get Facebook movies. This is also why I can’t stop thinking of the Super Mario Brothers whenever I see Bob Hoskins. Before I recalled, I was recently thrilled when viewing the newest teaser for a forthcoming Red Faction film.

Films that are based on video games are terrible.

When we enjoy something as consumers, we eat and feast on it, and then we’re eager for more. Despite this, I haven’t heard anybody appreciate any film that was based on a video game (save maybe Tomb Raider, but they weren’t complimenting anything other than the Boob and Bum physics).

Many films have been made based on the intellectual properties of video games. I’ve sat through the bulk of the items on the list. Despite this, none of them drew my attention. It’s worth mentioning that I’m concentrating on live-action, “let’s get the characters together and create a stand-alone narrative” films rather than animated flicks.

Are video game movies doomed to fail?

Films and other forms of media are not the same as video games. In order for a film to be classed as anything other than experimental, it must have a narrative. The storyline of a game does not have to make sense outside of the game. As a pitch, plumbers leaping on turtles or cracking apart bricks with their heads does not seem appealing. I’m not thinking about how difficult it would be to make this into a story-driven film when I’m racing about with a chainsaw and shotgun shooting hordes of demons. Even Ash in the Evil Dead series needed assistance from time to time. But who is there to assist you in Doom? What about the colored key cards?

1626568679_820_Movies-Video-Games-Into-CinemaFriend who is currently serving in the military

The film Hitman is a good example to utilize. The games’ plots are very basic. Every operation offers a new opportunity to infiltrate, assassinate, and flee. When adapted into a film, the authors must create a back story from scratch, perhaps a love interest, comic relief, and, of course, character motivations. That wasn’t necessary for Hitman; you’re a skilled assassin, so go murder for money was all we were told. Audiences find it difficult to appreciate a person like him.

Certain types of people like movies. People may be turned off only by hearing that a film is based on a video game or follows the same plot. This gamer film isn’t being made just for the benefit of gamers. The actual aim is the general public. Mainstream consumers haven’t played the game and are finding it tough to identify with a character they haven’t met in all of the previous games’ narrative arcs. Why pander to players who loved the games when they are likely to watch the film regardless?

When a series’ star protagonist is a quiet Japanese martial artist loner type, Hollywood doesn’t like it. So they switch it up and offer us an American military hero with long blonde hair and a tattoo of the American flag. Although the Japanese karate master remains in the background, he now serves as comic relief. To be honest, audiences in the United States are gradually becoming more accepting of characters that are obviously Australians in disguise.


1626568680_197_Movies-Video-Games-Into-CinemaThis is a knife, ya drongo, not a knife.


Video game characters are also designed differently, with particular responsibilities to perform. Would you watch a movie in which the main never speaks? Is it even possible? You never see his or her face, either. This isn’t a good translation. We are the protagonist of a game. We form a bond with the character we’re portraying’s objectives, affiliations, and values. It’s far more difficult to persuade the audience to comprehend the protagonist when they’re watching a film passively if they don’t witness any emotion or conversation. So don’t be shocked if an actor or actress spoils Masterchief and Samus for you by speaking (See Metroid: Other M)

Remember when the X-Men made that remark about the costumes in their first film? “Would you like yellow spandex?” something like that. Yes, many of us who enjoyed the original source material want to see it brought to life as faithfully as possible. Do you know who Thor is? In his full gear and cape, he looks ludicrous. However, it appeals to us because it makes sense in that world. Filmmakers must strike a balance between what outfits will work in the realistic world they are portraying and what costumes will not.

Gamers are increasingly becoming their own audience. The film business now faces competition from the gaming sector, which has grown out of control. Even if the forthcoming Warcraft film was simply two and a half hours of individuals dressed as Orcs and Elfs running about in big cities, millions of subscribers would still go to theaters to scream “Alliance fag” or “Horde scum.” We gamers are no longer a tiny percentage of moviegoers. Hollywood will have to adapt to our lack of blue hedgehogs, pale tattooed guys wielding swords, and grizzled space marines.

Consider movies based on comic books from the past. When we were trapped with George Clooney’s Bat nipples, I couldn’t have envisioned Sin City or Dark Knight turning out the way they did. It took a long time for Hollywood to nail its comedic characters. There were some terrible false starts and blunders along the road. I find solace in a Halo teaser directed by Neil Blomkamp (of District 9 fame).

I don’t believe we can put our planet through Street Fighter The Movie: The Game again, as long as we don’t get trapped with games that are based on movies that are based on games.


1626568681_582_Movies-Video-Games-Into-CinemaWhen did Akuma appear in the movie?

Ever since the first man looked up at the stars and imagined that they had a story to tell, man has been looking to stories of the universe for answers. Back in the days of cave paintings, people literally took their drawings to the cinema to see them on the big screen. In the early days of film, these “movies” were made a lot simpler and were merely a moving image with no sound or even actors. Just think about it: No one would have even bothered if they had only seen the end of those cave paintings!. Read more about movies about video game players and let us know what you think.

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There are many video games that have been made into movies, such as The Legend of ZeldOcarina of Time and Super Mario Bros.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What was the first video game turned into a movie?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The first video game turned into a movie was Tetris.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why movies based on video games are bad?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The movie industry is a business, and they have to make money. They are not concerned with the quality of their product, only how much it will make them in profit.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What video games were made into movies?

There are many video games that have been made into movies, such as The Legend of ZeldOcarina of Time and Super Mario Bros.

What was the first video game turned into a movie?

The first video game turned into a movie was Tetris.

Why movies based on video games are bad?

The movie industry is a business, and they have to make money. They are not concerned with the quality of their product, only how much it will make them in profit.

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