The first Filipino version of MU: Origin 2 has arrived and it is now available on G15Tools

Earlier today, MU Origin 2 was officially launched in the Philippines and the Magic Gladiator class was also available for selection. Here’s the quick guide on how to get it and what it offers: 1. You need to have Origin 2 installed. If you don’t have the game yet, you can download it here  ( ). 2. Go to the game menu and select New -> Create Game. 3. Choose “Origin 2” and then “Event” from the list of available options. 4. Choose the “Origins 2: Magic Gladiator” and “MU Origin 2: This is the Philippines” event. 5. When the game is created, you will be prompted to create a

On May 29, MU Origin 2’s Filipino version and Magic Gladiator Class were officially launched on the PLAYSTATION 4 and PC!  The original releases in April with the English version for PC were good but they lacked the hard work put in to making it all happen. There was only one person behind it all, Jason.

The world’s most popular mobile MMORPG is getting a new update! WEBZEN has taken MU Origin 2 to new heights with the addition of a new class, the Magic Gladiator, which has over one million players in the Philippines. This brings a slew of new gameplay features, additional Alliance contributions, and a slew of new PK modes to try out.

With this new version, players all around the globe are witnessing the revival of MU. Classic aspects restore nostalgia while infusing a fresh look into the franchise for both new and returning players, thanks to stunning graphics and movie-level realism. The popularity of MU Origin 2 has hit an all-time high, with the game now available in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Mainland China, and Russia. In Southeast Asia alone, it reached the top three spots on the multi-country income list.

Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Diviner, and the new Magic Gladiator are the five main classes in the game. Each has their own personality traits, talents, and unique abilities. The new Magic Gladiator class has its own set of unique powers, including M. Atk., P. Atk., and two STA and INT attributes, giving it the strength and skills of a Swordsman while still having the spells and power of a Mage.

After a long wait, the topic of this blog post is finally here: the new Filipino version of MU Origin 2! I will not write the complete article here, as i will be covering all the features of the new version. However, I will be giving an overview of the magic class and then discuss some of the features of this new version.. Read more about mu origin 2 how to get 1 hand weapon and let us know what you think.


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