Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of computer components and peripherals, has announced two new cases for gamers. The new cases are designed with a focus on airflow and spaciousness to make it easier to build builds that meet the needs of high-end gaming systems.

Cooler Master is releasing new cases to come from their product line. The cooler master cosmos c700p is a case that will be released in the near future.

Cooler Master has expanded the Masterbox and Mastercase lines, as well as redesigned some of the items that customers requested. The new cases are extremely similar to the previous ones in the series, with just minor design changes.

The Masterbox Series is a collection of masterboxes


The Masterbox line offers affordable cases with good functionality, and we’ve just added two more to the mix. The Masterbox MB500 is the first, while the Masterbox MB600L is the second. Although the MB600L is currently available in online shops, it is just a few months old, there is something fascinating in each of these instances that deserves to be mentioned together. They may seem identical at first glance, but their front and top panels have been changed to give them a totally new appearance.

The MB500 is the most distinctive case, with an opaque panel with a Cooler Master LOGO covering half of the front panel and allowing enough room for ventilation for two 120mm fans, which is a much-needed feature today.

The inside of both cases seem to be identical, with a full-length PSU shroud and identical routeing holes. The MB600 has an ODD drive bay, which is the sole difference between the two. However, a variant without the ODD drive slot is also available.

The MB600L lacks any brackets for putting fans on the top, which is a major flaw in my view. Only the MB500 has the ability to put fans on the top and provides enough ventilation.

Another benefit of the MB500 that I noticed is that it comes with three pre-installed 120mm RGB fans, which are not present in the MB600L. The MB600L is available with RED, BLUE, or WHITE LED fans, but no RGB variant is available.

Finally, as is the fashion these days, both of these cases feature tempered glass on their side panels.

Mastercase Collection

Cooler Master Mastercase MC500M

Mastercase MC500P and MC600P and MC500

These cases sometimes perplex me since there are so many identical cases from Cooler Master that it’s difficult to tell them apart. From top to bottom, left to right, the cases are MC500M, MC500P, MC600P, and MC500. 

The MC500P has been redesigned to include a tempered glass panel, but no other changes have been made. However, it is quite similar to the MC500, with the exception of the top panel. Aside than it, the front panel design and inside are identical.

However, save for the outside, the other two cases, the MC500M and MC600P, are identical on the inside to the above-mentioned two cases. The only significant, or should I say small, change in the MC500M is the lack of SSD mounts on the PSU shroud.

The panels of the MC600P may be opened slightly to improve ventilation without fully removing them from the casing.

All of these cases are completely modular, allowing you to simply relocate the hard drive bays. Except for the MC500P, all of the other three cases, including the H500P, include a suitable covering element at the rear to hide the wires. 


I’m not sure what’s going on in Cooler Master’s head since nearly every case in each series has very minor changes, and one could easily mistake current cases with previous cases. However, some of these cases are intriguing, especially with the mesh panels on the front, as everyone went wild when they saw the H500P with its suffocating front panel, which Cooler Master chose to modify.

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Cooler Master has announced that they will be releasing new cases in the future. The company is looking to release a cooler master cabinet case, which will be compatible with their current coolers.

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Yes, Cooler Master has many cases that are of high quality.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which Cooler Master case is the best?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The MasterCase H500M is one of the best cases available.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who makes Cooler Master cases?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Cooler Master is a company that makes computer cases.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cooler Master have good cases?

Yes, Cooler Master has many cases that are of high quality.

Which Cooler Master case is the best?

The MasterCase H500M is one of the best cases available.

Who makes Cooler Master cases?

Cooler Master is a company that makes computer cases.

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