Nioh 2 is now out on PS4 and Xbox One, and this sequel is the latest in the series with the original Nioh being released back in 2016. Nioh 2 is an action RPG that features RPG elements and Souls like games, and is also a sequel to Nioh, which was released in 2017. In Nioh 2, you will fight enemies, explore dungeons, and level up to find better gear and items.

Nioh 2 (or Nioh 2: Defiant Honor in Japan) is an upcoming action-adventure hack and slash video game that is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 17, 2018. It is a sequel to the 2016 video game Nioh (released for PlayStation 4 in February 2017). Nioh 2 will be developed by Team Ninja, the team that developed Nioh for the PlayStation 4.

If you’re yet to play Nioh 2, make your way over to GOG today! Be warned, once you’ve experienced Nioh you’ll want to get your hands on Nioh 2 so you can see what’s new. We’re here to help. For those who have already played Nioh 2, we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks to make playing it even more fun.. Read more about nioh 2 advanced tips and let us know what you think.

Here are some pointers I picked up while playing Nioh 2, a PlayStation 4 exclusive action RPG. (As of 1/10/21)

  • Controls: X to dash, R1 + Down to swap weapons, Triangle + Circle to use Special Guardian Spirit, Triangle + Circle to use special when in Guardian Spirit mode, Triangle + Circle to use special when in Guardian Spirit mode.

    R3 is used to lock on and switch targets, L1 is used to guard, and X is used to evade (note that guarding uses Ki). On blue lights, R1 to Ki pulse. R2 + O to activate the burst counter, 1 anima to activate the burst counter, which varies depending on the guardian spirit.

    To stop yokai shift, press R1 + O; to avoid large strikes, press R2 + O.

    To utilize Enkai’s soul core attack, press R2 + Triangle. Soul cores may be obtained by beating difficult opponents.

  • Two soul cores found from foes may be attuned by each guardian spirit.
  • There are 9 weapons in all, each with three distinct combat styles, giving you a total of 27 different fighting styles to select from!
  • Purify – Sending a ki pulse across a Yokai world cleanses and dispels it.
  • Using the divine branch will end the current quest and return you to the map, but any amrita gained will be lost. So spend it first, and if necessary, return early.
  • Strike stances: Use a high stance to attack aggressively, a mid stance to defend, and a low posture to avoiding assaults.
  • Use triangle to grab an opponent that has run out of Ki or is a fallen yokai.
  • Yoikai worlds decrease your ki recovery and increase your yokai’s abilities.
  • By utilizing your weapons, you can level them up.
  • The blue summons strewn around the levels are AI NPCS that you may call for assistance. The red summons are artificial intelligence adversaries that you may call to battle. The red summons will lose part of the armor they have on if you beat them.
  • Red AI PVP battles may be used to get blue AI summoning cups.
  • Unpurified Soul Cores, as well as your absorbed Amrita, will be lost when you die.

    If you die while possessed by a Guardian Spirit, you may recover them, as well as your Amrita, by touching your grave. Soul Cores that have been cleansed in a shrine will not be lost when you die.

    It’s worth noting that if you die with a large amount of amrita, it’s usually a good idea to call some assistance to recover it!

  • If you die far away, you may summon your guardian spirit and all the amrita back to you using a summoners candle.
  • You will be quicker if your equipment burden is lower. You will be able to avoid strikes quicker if you are under 40% load.
  • Offerings now enable you to use divine rice to buy things of your choosing.
  • Try falling back and healing up if you’re having trouble with an enemy. Enemies do not regrow HP, so you can always come back and complete the battle after you’ve healed up and are ready.
  • Yokai purple weapons inflict ki damage while also accumulating corruption charges.
  • When you do damage with the yokai weapon, your guide will fill up, allowing you to enter an unique awakened condition that increases your strength.
  • You may discover secret goods and even friends by breaking boxes placed across the stages.
  • There are usually ladder shortcuts or another shortcut to go back to the finish of the level more faster in larger levels. Look for these to make life simpler for you!
  • To pause the game, go to the menu and then choose OPTIONS from the drop-down menu. If you just access the menu, the game will not pause.
  • Make an effort to strike a balance between surrendering things to Amrita and dismantling them for resources. Materials may be used to create new things.
  • Dodging in Yokai form will fill the Yokai gauge.
  • Keep in mind that, like Bloodborne, the combat in this game encourages aggressiveness. Many opponents may stun you if they get a strong hit in, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible!
  • You may farm specific tasks like “Favor for the Blacksmith” if you’re low on amrita. These assignments provide you with a strong ally that will accompany you throughout the quest and may assist you in defeating a variety of enemies.

Nioh 2 Tips and Tricks The newest entry of Nioh has really changed the formula used for Japanese role playing games. Nioh 2 is all about experience, and the overworld feels like a living, breathing world you explore and fight your way through. The game has a combat system that encourages you to experiment with different stances, special moves, and weapons, and the entire experience feels more rewarding than the season pass structure of Nioh 1.. Read more about nioh 2 cheats and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Nioh 2 easier?

The easiest way to make Nioh 2 easier is to use the Easy difficulty setting. This will allow you to play through the game at a much lower difficulty than normal.

What is the strongest build in Nioh 2?

The strongest build in Nioh 2 is the Blade of the Dark Dragon. This build has a high attack power and defense, but it also has a low stamina.

What is the best weapon in Nioh 2?

The best weapon in Nioh 2 is the Blade of Mercy.

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