Nvidia announced the final design of its new graphics cards, named after Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. The cards are designed to be more efficient and powerful than previous iterations.

Nvidia’s new GPU is the nvidia new gpu. The card has been designed to be more power efficient and have better performance.

There were some rumors regarding the next-generation Nvidia graphics cards back in May. Kopite7kimi, a well-known Twitter leaker, provided some details about Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs. According to reports, it will be 2.5X-3X quicker than existing Ampere graphics cards.


Greymon55, another Twitter leaker who previously announced that the Hopper would be out shortly, has now leaked about the Ada Lovelace graphics cards. According to him, the Ada Lovelace is unquestionably the next-generation graphics card after the Ampere. The tweets have now been removed, but we still have screenshots.

Greymon Tweets Ada LovelaceVideocardz.com is the source of this image.

Although it is not 100% certain that Ada Lovelace will be part of the RTX 4000 series, it seems to be the case. According to Greymon, Ada Lovelace’s ideas have been completed and will not be altered. Greymon isn’t sure whether the new graphics cards will use the older N5 or the newer N5P TSMC 5nm technology.

Double performance RTX 40series 2022Q4-2023Q1 n5 3090

That’s what I recently heard. I’m not sure whether this is correct.

July 5, 2021 — Greymon55 (@greymon55)

Greymon had said that the RTX 4000 series will be released in Q4 2022-Q1 2023. As a result, Ada Lovelace is most likely the RTX 4000 series. According to Greymon, the new-gen high-end cards will perform two times better than the current generation, with the flagship card delivering up to two times the performance of the RTX 3090.

These rumors are usually accurate, and given Nvidia’s track record of releasing new GPUs every two years, Ada Lovelace graphics cards are highly likely to be released next year.


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