Nvidia GPU virtualization now possible on gaming GPUs

Nvidia’s latest Turing architecture is now capable of virtualizing graphics cards, allowing the company to offer users a seamless experience between PC and console gaming. This means that if you’re playing on your PC, you can seamlessly jump into a game running on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Nvidia’s vgpu is a new technology that allows users to create virtual GPUs on their gaming GPUs. This will allow for better performance and stability in the long run.

What if your gaming graphics card could be used for gaming, video rendering, and mining all at the same time?


Isn’t it fantastic? This is achievable thanks to a gang of hackers who hacked certain graphics cards and enabled GPU virtualization. This may seem strange, but Nvidia’s professional and gaming graphics cards utilize the same hardware. The driver is what distinguishes them, and once it is hacked, they both function identically.

Professional Nvidia GPUs, such as the Quadro series, are more expensive than gaming cards for a reason: they can take use of GPU virtualization to boost productivity. You may either utilize a single graphics card for many VMs or use multiple graphics cards to distribute the burden over different VMs.

Nvidia Virtualization GPU


This enables activities such as video streaming, rendering, mining, and gaming to run on the same GPU at the same time. As a result, graphics cards outperform CPUs in terms of delivering horsepower to these applications, and a recent hack made certain Geforce GPUs compatible with NVIDIA virtual GPU software.

The process is completed by simply changing the device ID of a gaming graphics card with that of a compatible professional graphics card. Users may follow the step-by-step instructions on GitHub to implement this. The suitable graphics cards for enabling Virtualization may be seen in the code below.

Device ID change

The technique works with Linux and KVM software, however there is no support for the Windows operating system. As a result, most PC users will miss out on the VGPU advantage.


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Nvidia has announced that nvidia grid cards are now possible on gaming GPUs. This allows for the Nvidia GPU to be used as a virtualized card, which can then run multiple applications simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use gaming GPU for deep learning?

Yes, you can use a gaming GPU to run deep learning algorithms.

Does Nvidia support virtualization?

Nvidia does not support virtualization.

Can GPUs be virtualized?

Virtualization allows you to use a single physical computer for multiple purposes. A virtual machine is software that creates a virtual environment on your computer, allowing it to run different operating systems simultaneously.

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