A new Fallout Nuka Cola themed PC case is on the horizon, but what will it look like? The company has released a teaser image of the upcoming product.

The nzxt nuka-cola case for sale is a PC case that has been designed with the Fallout Nuka Cola theme.

When it comes to computer cabinets with themes, one name comes to mind: NZXT. We’ve already seen a number of NZXT cases with a gaming theme, the first of which being the NZXT H440 Hyper Beast.

NZXT is currently collaborating with game publishers to create themed PC cabinets. The H700 Nuka-Cola was just launched, and it is the second licensed chassis in the new CRFT line-up, the first being the H700 PUBG edition. Because the case is a limited edition, only 2000 copies will ever be made. It has an unique paint job targeted towards Fallout fans and features and performance that are comparable to the original H700.



Apart from the artwork, the H700 Nuka-Cola has NZXT’s own designed I/O port, a circular air vent, metallic casing, and last but not least red LEDs. The case also has an unique cable management bar with a circular air vent, as well as a RED NZXT logo on the PSU shroud.

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Each of the 2000 cases comes with a random Vault-tech figurine, and to add to the attractiveness of the theme, they are also providing an all-metal, Nuka-Cola inspired cover for their N7 Z370 motherboard, which is aimed at players who want to go for a complete Fallout build.

The H700 Nuka-Cola is presently available for $299.99, and if you want to learn more about this case, go here.


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The nuka-cola pc case is a PC case that is currently being worked on by NZXT. It will be themed after the Fallout Nuka Cola brand.

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