This is a guide to Outriders : Endless Dark, a video game for PC, Mac, and Linux, created by Larian Studios. A few years ago, you took control of a band of outlaws living in the valleys below the Great Desert. Your band was the best at the time, but lately, your enemies have become stronger and stronger.

Outriders is a dungeon crawling game with an emphasis on random level generation and exploration. In Outriders, players can take on any number of missions, be it monster hunting, treasure gathering, hunting down a traitor, or just exploring the randomly generated dungeons.

The Outriders have been outwitting the Lost for years, somehow managing to elude the hunters with their sinister and advanced technology. Well, the Lost finally caught up with the Outriders and there was no way to run. The Outriders are trapped now, and they will find no escape. They have to face the hunters, and their final fate.

Endless Dark is one of the numerous optional side missions in the popular action game Outriders that you may discover and finish. It entails traveling to the Boglands in the hopes of locating additional Outriders.

Thankfully, side missions in Outriders may be replayed as many times as you like, so if you loved a particular side quest, you can do it again. You must, however, locate and finish the mission at least once before continuing.

The prizes you get for completing these side missions have the potential to vary each time you finish the quest, so for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll only list the benefits that I personally got.


  • Outriders-Endless-Dark-Side-Quest-Guide
  • CLIENT: Zahedi
  • REWARD: 500 EXP, x1 Selectable Gear (Rare).
  • LOCATION: Camp
  • This side mission is only available when the narrative requires you to go to Eagle Peaks.
  • After that, go to Camp and talk with Zahedi to get started…
  • Now you’ll want to go over to Main Street.
  • Head up the short slope and into the left-hand entrance.
  • There are two Journal Entries in this room; however, for the sake of this tutorial, you only need to collect the one at the rear (Transfer Order, Dr Nathan Scurlock)
  • Now that we’ve taken care of the journals, we may leave and return to Main Street.
  • We must now look for the B2 facility. Cross the bridge and then turn left; we’ll be utilizing the rope to go down to the Boglands, as stated in the game.
  • The mission is therefore very simple and linear. You’ll come across animals that can poison you once again, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. Fortunately, the mission marker will protect you.
  • Return to Zahedi after you’ve completed the mission to complete it.


In the First City, Zahedi thinks there may be additional cryopods containing surviving Outriders, particularly in the ancient medical labs that were left behind following the ECA’s departure.

You have to take the risk that there are other Outriders out there.





This guide is mainly devoted to the side-quest of Outriders – Endless Dark, which is located in the dwarf fortress of Ingloria. This side-quest requires you to complete the main quest of Outriders first, which can be done in a variety of ways. For the purpose of this guide, however, there are two solutions that are the most recommended.. Read more about outriders endless dark bridge and let us know what you think.


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