PAX Aus has been announced and will be held in Melbourne from October 31st – November 2nd. This is a huge event for the gaming community, and the PAX community has always been huge, so we have been working on a custom map of the Expo Hall and Theatre for this years show. This map is designed to show pretty much anything you’d want to know about the PAX Aus event, so it’s got the entire floorplan for the Expo Hall, the entrances and exits for all the exhibitor’s booths, the areas each game will be set up in, the areas each stage will be set up in, the seating map for the theatre, and a whole lot more. Print and post to your Facebook wall, pin it to Pinterest,

PAX Australia was a great success! There were many great exhibitors, and my personal highlight was meeting the Indie Game Developer of the Year, Tom Francis  (Two Flip Studios). I made a map of the Expo Hall and Theatre layout so you can see what you missed during PAX.

PAX Australia has only just begun, and will be running through the weekend. In its first year, the show has grown impressively, and the areas available for the public have expanded.

PAX Australia is less than a month away, so start planning your weekend with these PAX AUS 2016 maps.

The largest gaming expo in Australia is returning to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

Those who have attended prior PAX events at MCEC will note that the majority of the items are in the same location. The Tabletop area has been moved closer to the Expo Hall in the Exhibition Centre itself.

The Freeplay and BYOC spaces are located against the far wall of ‘Jeff’s Shed,’ making it simple to get to them from the main corridor.

PAX Australia’s Exhibit Hall and Tabletop


[Click on image to expand]

Most of the major brands you’d anticipate are on the Expo Hall map, including Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and the huge PAX Rising section. So whether you’re searching for huge superstars or Aussie indie darlings, you’ll find them here.

Surprisingly, several booths are conspicuously missing. In past years, had a large exhibit and presence in all of the PAX Australia expo rooms. They don’t seem to be in this lineup.

Competition of Legends did not attend PAX Aus 2015 because they wanted to concentrate on their forthcoming Australian eSports league, The Oceanic Pro League (OPL). Riot has been promoting its participation at PAX Australia 2016 with announcements of eSports and League of Legends panels, but when Non-Fiction Gaming inquired about a potential Riot booth, we got no answer.

The ‘PAX Arena – Presented by Zen Esports Network’ has taken the place of these two heavyweights. As a result, expect to see more eSports activity this year.

PAX Australia 2016 Map in Its Entirety

The complete map for PAX AUS 2016 can be seen here. What will you be doing the most of your time?

PAX Australia 2016 Full Map

[Click on image to expand]

You can also get a PDF version of the map here. As we move closer to the start of November, the PAX hype begins to grow once again.

Some members of the Non-Fiction Gaming crew will be scouring the convention floor for developers to talk to. In the Diversity Lounge, I’ll be leading a Dungeons & Dragons game. Please leave a comment or contact out on social media if there’s something specific you’d want us to cover.

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