Episode six of Phantasy Star Online 2’s Wonder Island expansion has finally gone live! You can now access the new content in North America and Europe, after a lengthy delay for Southeast Asia and Japan.

When it comes to online games, the most important thing about them is that they offer high-quality content. That’s why we’re very excited to announce today that ‘Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 6’ will be available in English on December 9. It’s been a long time coming, as we’ve been working on this update for over a year now, but we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

The PSO2 team has announced that with the release of Episode 6, the Western version of the game will go live on December 9th. This is a big deal for the PSO2 community, which has been waiting since the game’s launch in Japan two years ago for the Western release.. Read more about phantasy star online 2 and let us know what you think.

According to SEGA, Phantasy Star Online 2 will be updated with Episode 6 in the west on December 9, 2020. This is a significant update since it introduces new classes, missions, and monsters, as well as raising the level maximum to 95.

It’s a free update that extends Phantasy Star Online 2’s core narrative while also introducing a ton of additional content, such as new summoner pets and seasonal events.

Here’s a short recap of Episode 6’s highlights.

New Story

  • The maximum player level has been raised to 95.

  • New Classes – Phantom & Étoile

  • Herbie and Vulcan, two new Summoner Pets

  • Urgent Quests have been added to the game.

  • Risk Exploration is a new quest type.

  • Extension of the Arms

  • Difficulty of New Quest – Ultra-Hard (UH)

  • New ARKS missions have been released.

  • Badge for New Rising Weapons

  • Luminmech and Ultra Enemies are two new enemy types.

  • Seasonal Events Have Arrived

  • Season 2 of the Mission Pass

  • New and exciting titles to earn

  • Level Up Quest is an additional recommended quest.

  • Legendary 15 Collection Folder, 14 Eggs Collection 1 are among the new collection folders.

  • Special Mission: Tokyo [Rainbow] – New Bonus Quest

  • Étoile, Phantom, and AIS Vega have all received new practice quests.

  • New S-Grade Additions

  • Weapons with 15 stars are now available in the Zig Shop.

  • Units with a 13-star rating are now available at Zig Shop.

  • S-class augments are available for 13 star units – S6, S7, and S8.

Players that participate in the Road to Episode 6 campaigns will get a 15 star weapon and 12 star unit, including SG, Emotes, Weapon Camos, Rising ZWeapon Badge 4, and more, which will help them prepare for Episode 6. SEGA has set up a website with all the information you’ll need before the update goes live.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free-to-play MMORPG that is accessible globally for Xbox One and PC (Steam), but it is only available in Japan for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud is the name of the Switch version of PSO2.


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