PUBG’s latest event pass has been released and is live now, but it also comes with its own dark side. What are the pros and cons of this new mode?

The PUBG Latest Event Pass is live now but has its own darkside is a blog about the latest PUBG event pass. It discusses the positives and negatives of this new update, and how it could potentially affect your experience with the game. Read more in detail here: pubg support.

PUBG getting new update

Everything has a positive and negative side, and the new PUBG “Event Pass” is no exception. The newest “Event Pass” from PUBG Corp. unlocks new cosmetics in-game and was published to commemorate the introduction of the new map Sanhok, which is the game’s third map. The “Event Pass” is designed to reward players with specific cosmetic items for successfully completing given tasks. The pass costs approximately $10 and is currently available for purchase on the Steam Store.


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The prizes for the “Event Pass” are, on the other hand, not promising, with just a few goodies coming from the crate that was previously accessible. The Event Pass contains a total of 30 levels and unlocks cosmetic goods, XP, additional BP, and weapon skins, none of which are tradeable or marketable. Furthermore, the actual problem is that the cosmetic items vary from coats and trousers to jail jumpsuits and police uniforms, yet some of these things will only be available for a short time. These cosmetics had previously been accessible in PUBG via prior crates, but players who unlock them will be able to test them out, and they will be available until the conclusion of the Event Pass, which is the dark side of this pass.

The “Event Pass” is now available, and it includes four permanent items that are also available to players who do not purchase the pass but complete the mission, including A Free Name Change, A Parachute, A Jacket, and a Mask, the latter two of which were added in response to recent community feedback. Visit this page for additional information about the “Event Pass.”


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