In Resident Evil Village, the player has been trapped in a village where only a few people are left alive. As the player explores the village, they will find puzzles and clues scattered through out. These puzzles can be solved by making use of light to guide the player to the correct answers.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is a mobile puzzle game that offers an action-packed gameplay experience, as players fight off the savage hordes of zombies with their trusty flashlight. The game features 80 puzzles in 5 unique areas, and all of them can be solved by using the game’s advanced lighting system.

The Resident Evil Village is a location in Resident Evil 5. The Village is the second major area of the game that the player visits. The Village is a small settlement with a church and a house. It is also the first area of the game that the player encounters a zombie dog.

The Trust In Light Puzzle is one of the numerous puzzles in Resident Evil Village that you will need to complete in order to continue your adventures.

The Trust In Light Puzzle is a puzzle in the castle section that includes playing with fire.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to fix it!

You’ll be trapped in a chamber with a few candle holders and a fire holder in the center, as well as some blood on the wall with the words “Trust In Light” written on it as a clue.

You’ll come across this puzzle when exploring the castle for Dimitrescu’s rooms; you’ll be in the War room.

  • Okay, the first goal is to look at the fire holder in the center of the room, which will, of course, play a significant role in completing the puzzle.
  • Your objective is to keep hitting the fire lantern in the center of the room until it lights up one of the room’s big candle holders.
  • To open a secret hidden entrance, light both of the room’s huge torches.





Resident Evil Village is a fan-made, non-profit puzzle game created by a community of puzzle game enthusiasts.. Read more about resident evil village labyrinth puzzle and let us know what you think.

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