One of the more memorable features of the online multiplayer game Sea of Thieves is the permanent cloud of skulls that’s left after you kill a pirate on the ship’s deck. It’s most noticeable if you play on Xbox, and it’s a great marketing gimmick. But could you actually use these skulls to navigate the game?

Skull cloud is a phenomenon that is triggered when gamers’ characters become stuck in a storm that spawns skulls, causing their skin to appear as a uniform, skull-shaped silhouette. The bodies of the characters appear as unscaled skulls, while their hands and feet are replaced by skulls. The effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect game play. To give you a better idea, here is an example of a storm in Sea of Thieves:

This is a guide to help you see Sea of Thieves clouds in your skull. I’m sure some of you have seen a lot of these and wanted to see what it’s all about, so here is a quick guide to the Sea of Thieves Skull. In this guide, I’m going to show you some examples of skulls, as well as tell you where to see them in the game. I hope this guide helps you get a better understanding of what these things are for.

You’ll almost certainly come across a Sea of Thieves skull cloud while cruising the seas, whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for a while. These clouds, also known as a skull fort, promise epic fights in a struggle for the fort key, which finishes with some pretty delicious prizes at the end. Clouds looking like a skull (thus the name) will emerge in the sky over islands at random, indicating that a fort filled of skeletons is ready for a battle.

If you can defeat wave after wave of skeletons, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. When you approach a skull cloud in Sea of Thieves and defeat the different waves of skeletons, you’ll know you’ve reached the finish when the captain appears to battle you for the fort key. Our Skull Cloud Guide for Sea of Thieves is intended to make these fights a bit easier.

First and foremost, there’s the skull cloud from Sea of Thieves. Find a skull cloud in the sky and sail towards it; the cloud will seem to be near by, but it will be quite a distance away by boat. When you arrive, you’ll find a skeleton-infested fort with skeleton-manned cannons waiting for you. These cannon operators almost never miss, so make sure you have plenty of wooden planks and a competent sailor on board to prevent destroying your boat.

Other ships nearby may be eager to make an alliance with you, or they may wait until you complete the skull fort and attack you! If the skull cloud eyes in Sea of Thieves turn red, it means the fort is under assault from another crew, and it will assist if you all battle the skeletons at the same time.

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Attacking the fort under the skull cloud of the Sea of Thieves

The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the fort and drop the anchor is a shift in music, which means skeletons are ready to attack you. Take out the first wave of skelly bones with the rest of your crew (don’t do it alone), then make sure you have enough of ammunition and food to refuel. A horn will ring before the following wave begins, and you will hear the rattling bones rising from the earth.

The number of waves of skeletons in each Sea of Thieves skull cloud castle varies, with most having 10 and others having up to 20. With each wave, several skeleton kinds will appear: white skeletons, blue skellies with headbands, and the more difficult ones wrapped in leaves, who will have their health restored if they enter the water. The dark grey ones will need the use of your lantern’s illumination, while the nuts and bolts ones will remain still if you cover them in water, which is the ideal moment to strike.

Thew final wave from the Sea of Thieves skull cloud will see the skeleton Captain making his debut. Attack it with your crew and on defeat they’ll drop the fort key. This key unlocks the stronghold (sometimes called a stronghold key) which is a door to a room with generous amounts of treasure. This is no easy task, especially when skeletons run at you with gunpowder barrels, so ensure there’s at least three of you ready to attack. Having several crew members will also help when it comes to carrying treasure back to your ship, as it means you’re less likely to get ambushed.

Don’t let other players take your treasure; you worked hard for it, and you deserve to enjoy the benefits – keep an eye out! Rare must act quickly on this!

Skull cloud is the name for the cloud that appears as a skull in the game Sea of Thieves. It is not clear why this cloud appears, but it appears and disappears randomly. This guide will show you how to make the skull cloud appear in Sea of Thieves.. Read more about sea of thieves captain skull cloud and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the skull clouds mean in Sea of Thieves?

The skull clouds in Sea of Thieves are a warning that the Kraken is nearby.

How do I know if my skull fort is active?

If your skull fort is active, you will see a glowing green light on the back of your head.

What is the giant floating skull in Sea of Thieves?

The giant floating skull is a boss in the game. Its called the Kraken, and its an enormous tentacled sea creature that dwells beneath the waves.

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