TeamGroup launches the A2 SD card and SSD Adaptor. The new product is designed for gamers who want to upgrade their PC gaming experiences with a faster, more reliable storage solution that’s compatible with all types of games.

TeamGroup has launched the Gaming A2 SD card and SSD Adaptor which is a micro sd card 1tb. The Gaming A2 SD card and SSD Adaptor will be available in April for $99.

Taipei, Taiwan, October 15, 2020– Gaming A2 SD card for mobile gamers and SSD Adaptor for PC fans have recently been released by TeamGroup. Both of these are aimed at making gaming more enjoyable for both mobile and desktop players.

The Gaming A2 SD card comes in capacities of 256GB and 512GB, offering mobile gamers plenty of storage space to save large games and movies. It features UHD Speed Class 3 and Video Speed Class 30, allowing you to capture games in 4K video with ease.


The A2 SD card has a read/write speed of up to 100/90MB/s, which is considerably faster than other micro SD cards on the market and can provide random read/write rates of over 4000 and 2000 IOPS, respectively.

The A2 card works with Android phones and tablets, as well as the Nintendo Switch and a few other game consoles.

Adaptor for Magnetic SSDs

The firm has also developed a magnetic SSD Adaptor, known as T-Force, that can be installed within a desktop chassis. It’s constructed of galvanized steel and features one 2.5-inch SSD slot.

The Adapter is simple to remove and connect into any magnetic portion of a case, making it simpler than ever to add additional storage devices.


$48.99/$78.99 for a 256GB/512GB Gaming A2 SD Card

$9.99 T-Force SSD Adaptor


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