For gaming audiences, it’s always exciting to look ahead and figure out which upcoming game is generating the most excitement. With the biggest divider among gaming communities perhaps being the platforms that they play games on, this can lead to wild fluctuations in where this excitement is directed.

Looking at what are perhaps the biggest upcoming releases for each platform can give you an idea of what to look ahead to, and where gaming trends are headed in terms of what’s popular. That said, it’s difficult to account for breakout successes like Elden Ring or Baldur’s Gate 3, that could suddenly appear and dominate the gaming conversation out of nowhere.


Many people flock to PC platforms because they have the potential to offer the widest variety of game, generally breaking down the console border, so long as you can keep your hardware updated enough to play what’s coming out. As a result of this, many of the big upcoming games for PC are also going to be what’s coming to Xbox or maybe even PlayStation (though it might be further down the line for the latter). However, many games are exclusive to PC due to this being the go-to platform for many developers, leading to an influx of indie games like Slay the Princess that are less popular but met with positive reactions.


Perhaps the lesser-considered platform in the grand scheme of things, many of the anticipated mobile games are being ported there from other consoles. This is still important and impressive, given what smartphones are now capable of. Still, it also demonstrates how different the mobile gaming landscape is and what different audiences might be on the lookout for.



After all, with freemium games and games that you find through Casino en ligne en France being so popular due to their accessible and short-form nature, ports of games like the modern Assassin’s Creed titles might not be aiming for the same audience.


Nintendo is in the unusual position where most of its long-anticipated, heavy-hitting games are in the rear-view mirror. Tears of the Kingdom is the most notable of these, released in 2023 to critical acclaim, but that year was also the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG remake, and Pikmin 4. Each of these were well received, but the biggest conversation around what Nintendo has to offer has shifted to its next console. Many might feel as though the company is in need of a hardware upgrade, and the rumored Switch 2 could look to fill that gap.


The first half of 2024 alone is seeing many games being released on Sony’s gaming platform, the most notable being the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake (titled Rebirth) and the open-world Rise of the Rōnin. Beyond that, however, you have the long-awaited sequel to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding (titled Death Stranding: On the Beach) coming out in 2025, and several unannounced titles from the companies that fall under the PlayStation brand, such as Bluepoint Games and Naughty Dog.


Similarly, the Xbox has many games lined up that could get people talking. With Starfield behind them and The Elder Scrolls VI seemingly many years away, many of the anticipated Xbox releases are also shaping up to be role-playing games.


Avowed is the next one on the horizon, coming from New Vegas developers Obsidian, set in the world established by Pillars of Eternity, though some time after that InXile Entertainment’s Clockwork Revolution is also set to be released. That’s not all, though, Microsoft also has their own Hideo Kojima title to look out for, titled Overdose.


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