Division 1.7 has been out for a few weeks now, and with it comes a new gear set pack, titled Classified. The Classified gear set gives you access to new gear sets that were added into the game, each with their own unique bonuses that counter the other gear sets in the game. These gear sets are only available in the game through DLC, and they are extremely rare, reserved for players that complete the newly released “Classified” mission, which is essentially a raid in the game.

Do you like to play games on your computer?  Have you ever been curious about how the new game, The Division 1.7 Update, works?  Well, you can find out on our blog.  We will show you some of the new gear set that was added into the game, as well as some of the cool new changes to the game.  We will also show you how to get the new gear set, and what they look like in-game.  We will also show you how you can get these gear sets in-game, so you can get them yourself.  Enjoy!

The Division has recently been updated, and with it came new class sets. On the official website, developer Massive Entertainment has just released the full patch notes, and they detail a number of new items and gear sets. However, not all of them are available after the update. One of the sets is classified, as the developers have said it will be available in the very specific timeframe. That said, the developers have also stated that it will be available in the next few days.. Read more about tom clancy the division and let us know what you think.

The Division will get a new version 1.7 that will include “Classified Gear Sets,” which will have greater values and gear set benefits when equipped. The new equipment is also linked to the 1.7 expansion’s forthcoming Global Event system.

The new items are still item level 256, and they reflect gear sets that gamers have been looting when they were originally released. Classified Gear, on the other hand, offers better basic stats as well as benefits for donning a sufficient number of the pieces.

The two and three set benefits will be greater if you have five pieces of Classified Gear equipped. New themed benefits are applied once six of the components have been donned.

There are currently no specifics on the exact bonuses, but we do know that Classified Gear set pieces will not only offer better numbers to a player, but the stats on the gear may also be recalibrated.

Once the 1.7 update is released, users will be able to earn Global Tokens, which can be used to buy Global Event Caches. There’s a possibility that these caches may deliver Classified Gear set components.

The greater the price of a cache, the more likely it is to drop Classified Gear set components.

During the event, players may earn Global Tokens by completing tasks on the New York City map.

Players will be able to choose a harder difficulty by choosing a higher World Tier, just as they can now. Global Tokens may be acquired quicker at higher global levels thanks to the Global Event.

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