The Division 2 world tier 5 has no DLC, but there are plenty of ways to get extra gear and XP. This website is here to help you get the most out of your time in the world tier 5. We’ll cover all the different gear and XP sources in this guide, as well as tips on how to level up much faster in the world tier 5. There’s also a chat room where you can ask questions or talk about the game.

The Division 2 is on fire and we are here to keep you up to date with everything going on in the Division 2 community. It is a constantly evolving world and we will be here to help you keep up! We will discuss the latest updates, gear guides, and everything else that comes to mind when you think of a Division2 game.

The Division 2 is finally here. The sequel to the sleeper hit of 2016, The Division , has been released, and it’s better than ever. A gorgeous open world environment, a huge amount of content, and drop-dead gorgeous graphics make The Division 2 one of the most anticipated games of the year. The Division 2 is also a game that doesn’t feel like a sequel. It feels like a complete world full of content and features that build on the first game, making it worth the price of admission in and of itself. is the source of this image.

With the new sequel to The Division, Massive Entertainment seems to have addressed many of the flaws that plagued the first game. Players are flocking to The Division 2’s dark zone to rack up the finest loot in anticipation for the game’s end game content. With that in mind, make sure you’re prepared for Massive Entertainment’s forthcoming The Division 2 end game update by reading our advice below.

Overview of the Endgame

After finishing The Division 2’s main campaign, the player is thrown into a whole new realm of gameplay. After completing the game, the player may enter the dark zone, a violent and chaotic PvE and PvP wasteland. Aside from that, the player is exposed to the fascinating global treasure levels. Check out our guide here for a comprehensive explanation on what to do after finishing The Division 2’s campaign.

Within The Division 2, there are now four global levels. Earning a gear score quota, performing a limited number of post-campaign missions against The Black Tusk, and taking over a specific stronghold are all required to unlock each planet tier.

The user will be able to reach the black zone after unlocking a new planet tier and utilizing a new, more severe difficulty level. The greater difficulty level comes with a larger maximum gear score, giving the player the opportunity to advance their character.

While players may presently achieve gear scores of over 400 in world tier four, a new higher global tier is on the horizon.

Tier 5 on the global scale

The Division 2’s last global tier will be featured in the Tidal Basin update, which will be released on April 5, 2019. However, there are a few key things to ponder about the next upgrade.

The name of the new Black Tusk stronghold that will be added in the update is Tidal Basin. If the player wants to advance to the next global tier, they must take over this well-defended location.

According to, the stronghold will be around the size of Roosevelt Island and will have a preparatory task that the player must accomplish first. Beyond that, clearing the stronghold would require a staggering total gear score of 425.

You will be introduced to the highly sought world tier 5 after achieving the required gear score, completing the preparatory task, and gaining control of the Tidal Basin stronghold. The gear score limit will be raised to 500 in World Tier 5, giving players the opportunity to significantly enhance their characters. To increase your chances of obtaining high-end treasure, you must activate the brand new heroic tough after achieving world tier 5.

Aside from that, the next update will include gear sets. At the time of the update’s release, three gear sets were confirmed: Ongoing Directive, Hard Wired, and True Patriot. The three gear sets’ specifics have yet to be revealed.

As a reward for wearing each and every item of a gear set, the player will get a special ability or a boost to their stats.

Invasion every week

Weekly invasions are another new feature that will be included in the next release. A extra prize will be given to the player if they accomplish one of these tasks for the first time this week. Weekly invasions, on the other hand, may be replayed at any time throughout the week.

The weekly invasion tasks will be reset at the conclusion of the week, and the player will be eligible for an extra prize bonus once again. Because these missions are said to be playable on any level, they’ll most likely be excellent sources of high-end loot when performed on heroic.

What Is the Best Way to Get the Best Gear?

With the next world tier upgrade approaching, it’s critical to understand how you can maximize your gear score. In The Division 2, here’s how you obtain greater loot.

Chests from the Dark Zone

Taking full use of the game’s dark zone chests is the most effective method to improve your gear score and get greater treasure. Chests requiring dark zone keys or lockpicking are strewn throughout the dark zone. Check out our tutorial on how to find dark zone keys here.

The dark zone chests are shared by all of the players on the server, so get them before your opponents do. You can see a map of dark zone chest placements down below. is the source of this image.

Keep your high-level gear handy.

In certain cases, lower-level gear is preferable than a higher-level option. Having saying that, you should always save your high-level treasure.

Based on what loot you have in your cache and what loot you presently have equipped, The Division 2 will decide what level loot to drop at random. You will get higher level treasure in random drops if you have higher level loot equipped and in your stash.

Tech Caches from SHD

For any loot-hungry gamer, SHD Tech caches are very handy. When you arrive to a safe house, the map of the region will be shown to you. The location of each adjacent SHD Tech cache, among other things, will be disclosed as a result.

Because you can’t farm these caches again, it’s better to store them for when you’re ready to get 500 gear score equipment. When you’re ready to max out your equip, though, these caches may be a fantastic source of treasure.

Rooms of Supply

Throughout The Division 2’s campaign, control points will appear. Each and every one of them must be completed.

With each control point you take, you’ll get access to a new supply room. Each supply room has a number of chests containing possibly helpful or at the very least valuable treasure.

These supply rooms are resupplied every 24 hours. As a result, you may harvest supply rooms every day for treasure. This time-consuming strategy has a little probability of delivering really high-level gear. This is, however, a fantastic method to rapidly harvest components for crafting and money.

The Division 2 World Tier 5 Complete Guide to Gear and Updates  | The Division 2 World Tier 5 Complete Guide to Gear and Updates | The Division 2 World Tier 5 Complete Guide to Gear and Updates | A kind of guide to gear and when to upgrade your gear. This guide will include all of the world tiers 5 gear and its upgrades, and when each gear and upgrade is obtainable. This guide will be updated when new gear and upgrades are added to the game, as well as when new gear sets are added. This guide will also include any new gear sets that get added to the game.. Read more about division 2 (max world tier 2021) and let us know what you think.

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When you hit world Tier 5, you can now access the games multiplayer mode.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I get to World Tier 5 fast?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can either play a lot of songs, or you can buy the game and unlock all the tracks.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Whats the highest World tier in Division 2?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The highest World tier in Division 2 is Tier 3.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when you hit world Tier 5?

When you hit world Tier 5, you can now access the games multiplayer mode.

How do I get to World Tier 5 fast?

You can either play a lot of songs, or you can buy the game and unlock all the tracks.

Whats the highest World tier in Division 2?

The highest World tier in Division 2 is Tier 3.

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