If you haven’t heard of FarmVille, it’s a Facebook game that’s been around for quite some time now. It’s a cross between CityVille and AnimalVille, and it’s a free game that you can play on Facebook to build virtual farms and collect virtual animals. The game’s name refers to the farm, or ranch, that you’re building, and you can name your farm whatever you want, though some people use the name “Sassy Princess” as a play on the game’s title.

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a new farming simulation game that takes place in a daycare for farm animals. The objective of the game is to raise cute baby animals in the most enjoyable and profitable ways possible. The game features 16 different types of farm animals that all have certain qualities that make them more profitable.

The Farm is a slightly upgraded version of the former Sassy Princess game, and it is one of the better games in the Friends Forever series. The premise is the same: use simple cards to guide the princess to her finale. This time the cards are a little more colorful and help guide the princess to the final destination.

Daerisoft has released The Farm: Sassy Princess, a new mobile farm game for Android and iOS.

The Farm: Sassy Princess

We’ve been playing this game for a while and are going to give you an honest overview that includes everything from gameplay to visuals to free-to-play versus pay-to-win and everything in between. It’s accessible for Android and iOS and needs an online connection to play; it’s not available offline.


The Farm: Sassy Princess game transports you to a scenario in which the kingdom’s princess flees the palace due to the king’s intransigence. Following her departure from the palace, the princess chooses to pursue a career in farming. You will assist the princess in making a livelihood by cultivating and selling crops as a player. Pam is the game’s primary money, which you get through selling crops to NPCs. You’ll purchase the seeds, plant them, cultivate the crops, and harvest them. Crops harvested may be sold in the market or exchanged for Pam with NPCs.


Progression is painful and time-consuming. You must deposit a certain amount of Pam into your account within a certain period of time. The farm is controlled by an NPC that costs you a monthly fee of Pam that rises with each season. If you don’t pay your rent, the game will penalize you. In addition, one of the NPCs visits the farm once a week, and you must sell the crops to him to avoid receiving another punishment. You’ll be producing and selling crops like a machine to achieve these goals and avoid penalties. It seems to be a nightmare since time flies by and rent rises at an increasing pace with each passing season.


It’s a simplified version of Harvest Town, Harvest Moon, and Stardew Valley, with just a few tasks to do, such as tending to crops, fulfilling quests, fishing, and achieving objectives. It would be preferable if you were given the opportunity to construct and operate facilities such as bakeries, poultry farm buildings for managing animals, and culinary facilities for preparing dishes using materials collected from the environment.

F2P vs. P2W

Sassy Princess is a free-to-play game on The Farm. To play the game, you do not need to pay real money. It also lacks PvP features. PvE is tedious and difficult, but players may speed up their progress by watching video advertisements. However, we do not believe that paying more money would provide you with greater benefits. As a f2p player, you may take advantage of video ad deals and make excellent progress. Finally, we can state that The Farm: Sassy Princess is a free-to-play game.

Final Thoughts

It’s entertaining at first, but as you go through the seasons/months, it becomes tedious. If you want to escape the fines, you’ll have to work hard to manage Pam and your crops. You are forced to view video advertisements or pay money by the system. Aside from that, the game has the potential to be fantastic. Expanding the area, adding more NPCs, constructing items, animal management — in short, providing more complexity to the game and more methods to earn Pam so you can pay the rent easily – are all things that developers might do to enhance the gameplay. It will also be much better if time does not pass too quickly. For the time being, the gameplay consists of growing crops and fulfilling missions.

The Farm: Sassy Princess gets a 3/5 rating from us. Highlights include: –

  • It’s a fun game, although it’s a little restricted.
  • Graphics and art style are adorable.
  • It soon becomes tedious and difficult (after a few seasons, the rent increases drastically)
  • Controls are simple.
  • Farming is a classic game.

If you’re new to the game, check out our guide to The Farm: Sassy Princess.

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The Farm: Sassy Princess is a combination of the classic “back to basics” genre of games, and a challenge to its traditional point-and-click roots. It’s a cyberpunk-themed point-and-click adventure where you play a sassy princess trying to save her father from the evil Mr. Black. The game is mainly text-driven, but you get a whole lot of comedy for your money. As a point-and-click adventure, you’ll need to solve a variety of puzzles, with a variety of responses (and consequences) to the various situations you’ll find yourself in.. Read more about the farm walkthrough and let us know what you think.


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