Reddit is a community where users vote on each others posts. So if you enter a thread, and your post doesn’t get enough upvotes, it will be hidden. If you re-enter the same thread, again your post won’t appear. So if after entering /r/xkcd for the second time, you have a comment with a link to this blog, it’s highly likely that your post won’t appear in /r/xkcd. However, every once in a while, a comment will have so many downvotes that it will disappear from the front page. Just two months ago, /r/xkcd went through this, and it was the most downvoted comment in reddit history. The comment

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It’s not rare that a comment gets downvoted on Reddit. But what’s unusual is the “deleted comment” that’s so popular on the Reddit community. It’s an old comment of a girl that told her friend to get a burger because she was starving, and it got downvoted (meaning “deleted”) more than any other comment on the site.

Because of how the game incorporated lootboxes and how content is obtained, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has sparked a firestorm of controversy. A Reddit member remarked on the post, asking “Is this for real? I spent $80 for Vader to be locked up? “and received a response from an EA official, which became the most downvoted remark on Reddit.

The first sentence did little to solve the problem that EA and DICE had created:

“The goal is to give gamers a feeling of satisfaction and achievement as they unlock new heroes.”

There is now a mod that modifies the game’s lootbox textures, putting the words “pride and achievement” on the side of every lootbox in the game, thanks to Creator Dareedevokl’s work. He even thought about using the Star Wars typeface in the design. This is a wonderful touch. For anyone playing the PC version of the game, it’s now accessible on Nexus Mods. 


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