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I’m sure most of you know the old joke: “I think, therefore I am. I see, therefore I am. I do, therefore I am.” Well, the old slab was the answer to the last part of that question. That’s right, the slab was a tool for creating games, which would then be played on the slab itself.

Borderlands 2: The Once and Future Slab is a guide to Borderlands 2: The Once and Future Slab.

The Once and Future Slab

After completing the Wildlife Preservation quest, you’ll be given this assignment. Roland wants you to deliver a message to the Slab King, an old acquaintance of his. The Slab King was a member of the Crimson Raiders until he and Roland disagreed on how to interrogate Hyperion troops due to philosophical disagreements. To put it mildly, his tactics were much more severe. However, given the circumstances, you’ll need his assistance to enter Angels’ inner core.

You must first locate Thousand Cuts, where the Slab King presently resides. Grab a car from the neighboring Catch-A-Ride in the Highlands-Hyperion Bridge region. The entrance to Thousand Cuts is located at the quick transit station, east along the route. Roland approaches the ECHO to point out Angel’s whereabouts. Breaking in shouldn’t be an issue if the Slab King is ready to assist. For the time being, simply concentrate on getting to the Slab King. Unfortunately, the Slabs mistake you for an invader and start fire as soon as you enter Slab Town. Begin retaliating against a diverse group of bandits, and continue battling your way north through the town. Also keep an eye out for buzzards.

The Once and Future Slab []

You’ll ultimately enter a new part of town after crossing a tiny improvised bridge. There are a lot of goliaths here, so kill them as soon as you can before they go into their fury phase. Alternatively, employ the anger mode to have them attack their own troops. The Slab King arrives on the ECHO, mistaking you for a Hyperion assassin, only to discover you aren’t. The assaults, however, will not cease as a result of this revelation. Instead, he’ll treat you like a new recruit, putting you through the paces to determine whether you’re worthy of joining the group.

Continue your assault in the east. The Slabs will hurl everything they have at you, so arm yourself with the best weapons you can find and utilize your unique ability as often as possible. You’ll finally get to the Slab’s hideout’s front door, but it will be sealed and locked. To go inside, climb the set of steps to your left. Before going inside, check the ammunition boxes and lockers for additional ammo and cash.

The Once and Future Slab []

There will be an entrance to drop down into the Slab King’s “throne chamber” when you reach the top of the stairs. Your initiation isn’t finished yet. Several waves of foes will be thrown at you by the Slab King. Several marauders, brutes, and ferocious marauders will be included in the first. Keep moving and take shelter when you can. There will be lots of cover in this region, so take use of it if things become too much for you. There will be many goliaths and crazy midgets in the following wave. Remove the crazy midgets so you may concentrate only on the goliaths.

The Slab King gives his approval and reveals his real identity once you’ve eliminated every single badass. Brick is everyone’s favorite berserker. After the congrats, give him the letter. Despite their previous conflicts, Brick is eager to assist the Crimson Raiders in infiltrating the bunker. This battle, though, is far from finished.

The Once and Future Slab []

As Brick takes you out the door, Jack announces over the ECHO that he’ll be heading to Slab Town to take care of you and the Slabs. Help Brick fight off the Hyperion loaders by following him through the door. Hyperion’s mortars are guided by targeting beacons, which means you’ll have to eliminate them to halt the attack. The first can be found not far from the Slab hideaway. On the ground, keep an eye out for the red targeting circles. To avoid severe damage, stay away from these circles where the mortars will land.

The beacons are protected by shields, but Brick will destroy them quickly. Once the shields have been deactivated, shoot until the beacons have been destroyed. Following that, you’ll have to fight several Hyperion bots before going on to the next one. You’ll be exposed to a new kind of loader, the ION loader, after destroying the second beacon. These bots will construct a barrier behind which the other loaders may hide. Remove them before they can put up a defense. If they’ve already set everything up, go inside the shield and kill them.

The Once and Future Slab []

Your task is over after the third beacon is removed. Return to Sanctuary and speak with Roland about your prize and the next step in breaking into Angel’s bunker.

REWARD: The Once and Future Slab

86 dollars

Items include a random rocket launcher or shield.

5789 hours of experience

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