The motherboard is the most important part of a computer and it must be in good condition to function properly. If you notice that your motherboard has stopped working, there are some common reasons why this happens and how you can fix it.

The how to fix a shorted motherboard is a problem that many people experience. This article will teach you how to fix it.

It’s aggravating to have your computer restart just after you turn it on. If your computer won’t turn on at all, you may have a short-circuited motherboard. A short circuit occurs when the circuit’s positive and negative terminals are linked in some way.


A motherboard has a large number of circuits integrated in the PCB that transmit and receive data signals, and if one of these circuits is shorted, your motherboard will cease working.

This issue may happen at any moment, and it might be caused by manual activities or not. To fix a shorting issue, you must first determine what is causing it. A short motherboard may result from a variety of factors, and it can have the following consequences:-

  1. Restarting the computer
  2. The computer will not power on at all.
  3. Power goes off unexpectedly.

The first issue is by far the most prevalent. Your PC will start for a brief time, and you will see your system fans whirling and stopping abruptly. The same event will happen again and again.

When a person connects or disconnects a connection from the motherboard while the system is turned on, it may result in a short motherboard. It is strongly advised not to touch the cable connectors while your computer is turned on to prevent this.

Before sending your motherboard to a repair shop, you should try the following simple techniques first.

RAM modules should be reseated.

Begin by reinstalling the RAM modules. The majority of the time, memory stick shorting is caused by improper installation.

ram installation

Before reinstalling the RAM, it’s usually a good idea to wipe the RAM stick pins with an eraser and the DIMM slots with paper. You could also try changing the DIMM slots to see if it makes a difference.

If you have several RAM sticks installed, try using just one of them and changing the slot if the issue continues. Make sure the stick is properly inserted by applying firm pressure.

Reinstall the remaining components.

Shorting may also be caused by a bad connection between the motherboard and the components. The issue may be resolved by reinstalling your graphics card, storage drive, and other similar equipment.


It’s easiest to verify by removing all components except the CPU and RAM (after testing RAM modules) and then installing the other components one at a time.

Replace the motherboard.

The majority of the time, when I had a PC restarting issue, it was because the motherboard was not properly connected to the motherboard plate on the casing. This is a frequent problem that may be easily resolved by removing the motherboard and correctly tightening the standoff screws. is the source of this image.

Remove any dust.

A buildup of junk on the motherboard may be the source of the problem. If you haven’t cleaned your motherboard in a while, use an air blower and an electronics brush to remove any tenacious dust from all areas of the PCB.

Use a voltmeter to check.

Whether none of the previous methods work, you may check to see if your motherboard is really shorted from the PCB. A voltmeter is required to test your motherboard.

Set it to Continuity mode first, then test the EPS 4-pin connection as indicated in the picture below.

There are four wires in your EPS power cord connector: two black and two yellow. Yellow wires are live, while black wires are grounded in this diagram. You should hear the beep if you plug the Black and Red cable pins from the voltmeter into both the 12V connection pins where the Yellow wires go. The same is true for both ground pins when black wires are connected.

Checking by voltmeterPK Expert is the source of this image.

Check the 4-pin connection by putting the voltmeter pins into one Yellow and one Black wire pin. Do the same for each pairings. If the beep is heard, your motherboard is short-circuited; otherwise, your voltmeter should register more than 200.

If you hear a beep, the short is most likely in the VRM section. You may check each component separately for a short, but to repair it, you’ll need a chip-level specialist who can replace the components.


The motherboard short circuit repair cost is a problem that can happen to any motherboard. A common cause of the issue is when an insufficient amount of capacitors are installed on the motherboard.

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If you are using a screwdriver, use the flat side of the driver to push down on the metal tab that is in between the two pins.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What causes short circuit on motherboard?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Short circuit is the result of an electrical current that has been interrupted, usually due to a faulty wire. This can cause the computers components to overheat and/or catch on fire.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Can motherboard damage be repaired?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Unfortunately, motherboard damage is not repairable.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a short circuit on a motherboard?

If you are using a screwdriver, use the flat side of the driver to push down on the metal tab that is in between the two pins.

What causes short circuit on motherboard?

Short circuit is the result of an electrical current that has been interrupted, usually due to a faulty wire. This can cause the computers components to overheat and/or catch on fire.

Can motherboard damage be repaired?

Unfortunately, motherboard damage is not repairable.

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