The city of Sinking City has been in turmoil for many months. It’s only recently that the true extent of the crisis has been revealed. The government has closed off the city, and is now preparing for the worst. In this guide, we will take you through the different stages of the crisis, how to get around them, and which characters you should be looking for.

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The Sinking City is a game made by the developers of the award-winning Sinking City role-playing game. This is a new case of a missing person investigation in the game, which follows the player through a series of four cases. There are various puzzles, riddles, and clues to be solved, and it’s up to the player how they go about their investigations. The game can be played in browser, which makes it ideal for those who want to try this game out without worrying about downloading a desktop client. It also has a detailed manual which is free to look over and read through.

Through The Looking Glass is another one of The Sinking City’s side stories / missions. It comes as a direct result of completing the side case Delicate Matter. Mr. Throgmorton has tasked you with locating a misplaced mirror.


Throgmorton will offer you a key if you accept his request; the key opens the top floor door, thus it should be your first stop. Once upstairs, open the door and look for the following clues:

1) Boxes – Use your imagination (reveals a safe) 2) Private Correspondence – Stored in a secure location 3) Photograph – at a secure location 4) Display Case for Masks 5) Spears – Spears – Spears – Spears – Spears – S 6) Francis Poster — Displayed on the wall 7) Ape Photo – Near the Floor in Boxes 8) Exclusive Interview Note – Near Ape Photo on Boxes

After getting all of the evidence report back to Mr Throgmorton

The Asylum is your next destination. While you’re here, ask the receptionist whether Bethany has managed to get away. If you go to the basement level, you’ll discover much more proof;

1) Mirror with blood 2) Indecent poster – in locker 3) Hypodermic Tables Bottle – on the floor 4) Bethany’s room has a shattered mirror. 5) Bethany’s room (photo) 6) Bethany Room Newspapers 7) On Bethany’s bedside table, a letter 8) Mourning Throgmortons — Next to bed 9) Visualization – Use your mind’s eye to draw on the wall

The blue cloud will now emerge, and the answer is:

1) Bethany detaches herself from the mirror on the wall. 2) Bethany slamming her face against the mirror 3) Bethany scurrying away

The end result is that Bethany has learned about Randall Glassworks, and that is our next goal, but first!

First and foremost, we must locate Randall Glassworks! So, go to Oakmont City Hall, where you’ll need to enter the proper search parameters. 

* Enterprises * 19th Century * Salvation Harbor * EVIDENCE: Bethany’s Next Step

Bingo! The Glassworks’ location is now known!

There are a few bits of evidence to discover on the first floor:

1) Bottle No. 418 – Near the Stairs

Now go to the top level; the door is presently locked, but if you interact with it, it will be unlocked, and a dialogue will begin. Accept his offer to assist him. However, there is more proof to be found before returning down.

1) Mirror 2) Planar mirror picture 3) Skull & man photo

Now go to the lowest level and slam the door shut; the monster within is nothing to be afraid of, so dispose of it and return to report what you’ve done. A Rusty Key will now be handed to you. Return to the chamber where the monster was slain. When you use the freshly acquired key in this chamber, you’ll discover even more evidence to look for.

1) Containers 2) Warrant for a search 3) Randall’s Journal 4) Cupboard – Use your imagination 5) After using Mind’s Eye, tick the book. 6) Vision – Use your mind’s eye to look in the mirror.

Return to the first level and collect the remainder of the evidence:

Workbench 1

Now it’s time to move on to the next site!

You’ll want to go to the Oakmont Police Department and input the proper search parameters there.

EVIDENCE: * Suspects * Documentation * Salvation Harbor * Search Warrant

You’ll know where the mirror-home maker’s is now, and that’ll be our next stop!

Here are a few pieces of evidence to look for:


1) Use your imagination to find a secret location (Wall 1F near small round table) 2) In a hidden location, there is a little coffin. 3) Note from an Eligible Bachelor – on a table near the door 4) Envelopes – arranged on a small circular table

Use your Mind’s Eye to transport yourself to the lowest level while in the hidden location. 


1) Books (on the floor) 2) Tome of the Occult — on a tiny bed 3) A bulletin board (There are two of these)


Using the Mind’s Eye, you should now be able to locate the Basement, as well as a chamber with a large mirror and additional proof!

1) A Child’s Coffin 2) Photograph of a child 3) A massive mirror (Warning it will result in a big impact on your Blue bar) 4) Vision – in front of a large mirror

Return to the hidden area’s tiny mirror and shatter it with a gun; I tried melee but it didn’t work. Return to the Basement and Bethany will appear, and the two of you will have a conversation.

The conclusion may now go one of two ways.

1) Take the mirror – This leads to a fight with Bethany. 2) Allow Bethany to complete her Ritual before taking the mirror – This results in the Best of Both Worlds Trophy / Achievement.

You may now return to Throgmorton to finish the case after settling on a result.





The situation is grim: The Sinking City : Through the Looking Glass (Side Case Quest) Guide is sinking. The city is falling apart. If you’re like me, you’ve been having a hard time grasping the concept of “a difficult game.” But, I have to tell you: Through the Looking Glass is a nightmare. It’s one of the most challenging games I have ever played. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true.. Read more about sinking city walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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