The Trails of Cold Steel III walkthrough for the Gift Locations and Character Bonding Guide is finally here! This walkthrough will show you how to get all of the gifts and character bond. It is recommended to go through the gift locations and bond first, then the walkthrough will show you how to get the rest of the gifts.

The most difficult part about beating Trails of Cold Steel is that when you get a new Gift, you don’t really know what to do with it. Sure, you can use the Gift to fight harder, but what if you need to heal someone? What if you need to talk to someone? I’ve finally decided on a Gift set-up that will keep me alive for long stretches, but still allow me to act quickly when ever I need to.

Trails of Cold Steel III is the final game in the epic series. Set in an alternate timeline to the previous games, this title takes you further into the adventures of Emil and the new cast of characters. This guide will provide you with the location of all the gifts, as well as their effects and possible outcomes.. Read more about trails of cold steel 3 the cryptid keeper and let us know what you think.

Giving a character a specific Gift that they like can boost their Bonding with you, as well as other characteristics. 

Some of them may be purchased, while others must be acquired via side missions and other means. To help you locate them all, we’ve put up a quick guide below that should assist you in your search.

To use them, head to the Items section and then scroll down to the Event tab, where you should locate the gift and then utilize it. 

1) Mizu Yokan GIFT CHARACTER: Altina ADF (+10), Bonding (+10), Bonding (+10), Bonding (+10), Bonding (+10), Bonding (+10), Bond (4/16 – Sunday) LOCATION: Leeves (Import Store)


2) A GIFT OF A WHITE SILK KERNEL CHARACTER: Elise INCREASES: Bonding (4/16 – Sunday) LOCATION: Leeves (Boutique Store)


3) GIFT: Brass Fountain Pen CHARACTER: Kurt LOCATION: Saint Arkh (Demeter Exchange & Antiques) (4/22 – Saturday) TIMESTAMP: 3:46 – 4:28


4) GIFT: Quilted Pouch CHARACTER: Millium LOCATION: Iris (Parm) (4/22 – Saturday)


>>>>>>>>>> That Concludes The Chapter 1 – Gift Locations <<<<<<<<<<<

5 & 6) GIFT: Sports Compendium & Elegant Scrunchie CHARACTER: Juna & Claire LOCATION:  Elegant Scrunchie – Neinvali Exchange / Leeves (Exchange Holy Chain) Sports Compendium – Books & Games / Leeves (Talk to Rachel) 5/13 – Saturday (Night)


7, 8, 9 & 10) GIFT: Orca Floatie, Blue Glass Wind Chime, Cameillia Lipstick, Orbal Dryer CHARACTER: Altina, Elliot, Laura & Towa LOCATION: Crossbell City TIMESTAMP: 0:00 – 1:52 : Orca Floatie – Altina (Gift) 1:53 – 3:04 : Blue Glass Wind Chime – Elliot (Gift) 3:04 – 4:35 : Cameillia Lipstick (Laura Gift) 4:35 – 5:37 : Orbal Dryer (Towa Gift) DATE: 5/20 (Saturday)


>>>>>>>>>> That Concludes The Chapter 2 – Gift Locations <<<<<<<<<<<

11, 12, 13) GIFT: Blue Leather Book Cover, Orchid Hairpin, Green Star Pendant CHARACTER: Kurt, Fie, Musse LOCATION: Leeves TIMESTAMP: 0:00 – 1:59 : Blue Leather Book Cover (Kurt Gift) 1:59 – 3:36 : Green Star Pendant (Fie Gift) 3:36 – : Orchid Hairpin (Musse’s Gift) DATE: 6/10 (Saturday)


14, 15, 16, 17 & 18)

GIFT: Aromatic Tonic, Royal Tea, Compact Juicer, Rose Perfume, Trilogy Hearts CHARACTER: Ash, Alfin, Juna, Sharon, Alisa LOCATION: Ordis Port TIMESTAMP: 1:58 – 3:26 : Aromatic Tonic (Ash – Gift) 3:26 – 4:23 : Royal Tea (Alfin – Gift) 4:23 – 5:38 : Compact Juicer (Juna – Gift) 5:38 – 7:01 : Rose Perfume (Sharon – Gift) 7:01 – 8:50 : Trilogy Hearts (Alisa – Gift) DATE: 6/17 (Saturday)


19 & 20)

GIFT: White Amber Soap, Coffee Grinder CHARACTER: Elise, Machias LOCATION: Ikaros Mart (Raquel) & McEnroe Pawn Shop (Raquel)

DATE: 6/17 (Saturday)

(Note: You must trade a Ground Sausage for the Coffee Grinder; a Ground Sausage may be obtained at a vendor on North Street) (Ordis)


>>>>>>>>>> That Concludes The Chapter 3 – Gift Locations <<<<<<<<<<<

21 – 24)

GIFT: Iris in Fantasy Land, Five-Color Braid, Noble Ribbon, Silver Cufflinks CHARACTER: Altine, Towa, Celene, Kurt LOCATION: Leeves 

DATE: 7/8 – EVENING (Saturday)

VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 00:00 – 01:54 : Iris in Fantasy Land (Altina – Gift) 1:54 – 3:30 : Five-Color Braid (Towa – Gift) 3:30 – 5:18 : Noble Ribbon (Celene – Gift) 5:18 – : Silver Cufflinks (Kurt – Gift)


25 – 30)

GIFT: Lovely Flat Cap, Steinrose 96, Aurora Barrette, Red Leather Key Case, Ebony Brush, Starry Night Minuet  CHARACTER: Emma, Sara, Juna, Ash, Gaius, Musse LOCATION: Heimdallr

DATE: Saturday, July 15th

VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 0:00 – 1:12 : Lovely Flat Cap (Emma Gift) 1:12 – 2:23 : Steinrose 96 (Sara Gift) 2:23 – 3:08 : Aurora Barrette (Juna Gift) 3:08 – 3:54 : Red Leather Key Case (Ash Gift) 3:54 – 5:46 : Ebony Brush (Gaius Gift) 5:46 – : Starry Night Minuet (Musse Gift)



GIFT: Riding Gloves CHARACTER: Jusis LOCATION: Racecourse Plaza (Heimdallr)

DATE: Saturday, July 15th






In the Trails Of Cold Steel series, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of heroes from the past by using the help of the legendary “Corvian Cross.” The series has three main stories: Cold Steel I, Cold Steel II, and Cold Steel III. This is the first in the Cold Steel series, which is a prequel that begins 30 years before the events of Cold Steel II. You will be following character development routes of the main characters, as they pursue their paths through the many conflicts that occur during the time period.. Read more about trails of cold steel 3 academy bath location and let us know what you think.

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