A group of Grust mercenaries are on the trail of a ruthless bandit. As they pursue their enemy across the continent, they discover a connection to a lost cause and a long-forgotten tragedy. The trail of their enemy, and the pursuit of their own destiny, will eventually lead them into the most powerful of the Five Houses, where they will encounter a mysterious organization of mages who wield a power that is beyond even the denizens of the Grand Cathedral.

The Golden Pom (Chronicle of Battle) is the first chapter of the new game. It will be released in the game with the chapter name “TOCS4 – Trial of Nine V”.  The game will be released in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The continent of Antra is on the verge of war. The Roronoa family, the “cursed clan” of assassins, has arrived to solve the problem. The Roronoa family have achieved several “first” achievements. After they defeated the “King of Swords” on the island of Corcovado, the group has been growing rapidly, and now they have set their sights on the continent of Antra.

Golden Pom is only one of the numerous battles you’ll find in (TOCS4) Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Scanning the opponent will provide you a full list of their powers and weaknesses, as well as adding them to your Battle Notebook. All of this adds to the accomplishment of the Chronicle Of Battle trophy.

  • OPPOSITION: Golden Pom
  • ACT / CHAPTER 1: The Class VII Trails (also discovered during Act / Chapter 2)
  • Bryonia Island, Ordis Waterway, Parm Byroad 1, Ursula Road
  • STANDARD: 55 (Varies on location)
  • 4445 HP (Varies on location)
  • EXP: 31 (Depends on locality.)
  • ITEMS: U-Material
  • INFO: A lovely, gleaming Pom who lurks in the shadows of more powerful creatures. There are a lot of Sepith Masses in this book (I have managed to find it with the much tougher enemies as description hints at, though it is considered rare)
  • 1626571946_924_TOCS4-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-IV-4-%E2%80%93-Golden-Pom





With the “Golden Poms” have come the number of new events to go to, so which one should you take advantage of? There’s a lot of hidden information in the new events, and some are better than others. This is where the “Golden Poms” become very useful.. Read more about trails of cold steel 4 avon hills and let us know what you think.

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