The latest news is that yet another Trails Of Cold Steel IV fan game is being made, this time it’s a video game called “Oz Mirage Chronicles Of Battle” and it will be a continuation of “Oz Mirage” a Trails Of Cold Steel IV fan game. It will be playable at any time on Goals Accomplished: Kasinovka Burger – S21 vs. S20 – A Side by Side Comparison A blog post title “Google’s ‘Alphabet’ and the Year of the Rooster” on a (technology) blog called “Engadget”, that is described as “A blog that gives technology news”

The Trails of Cold Steel IV’s new installment, Chronicle of Battle, was released on July 14th, 2018. It is the fifth chapter of the most popular series of the year, and now there are even more players that can enjoy the romantic fantasy of JAPAN and the mystery of the East on their consoles. In this new 14th chapter, the protagonist, Chris, went to the Mirage Continent to find the secrets of the “Gift”. If you love the Trails of Cold Steel series, you will definitely like this new chapter.

The latest title in the Trails of Cold Steel series, TOCS4 Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’ (Chronicle Of Battle), will be released in two weeks on March 13th, 2018 after its final localization adjustments in Korea. If you are unfamiliar with the series, it is a tactical game based on the console game, Trails of Cold Steel, but with a more streamlined plot and better graphics. In Japan, the series is called TOCS4, but the title was changed to Oz Mirage in English releases. The latest game, Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’ (Chronicle Of Battle), is the fifth games in the series and the first in the Chronology of Battle series. This game will continue the story of

Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’ is one among the numerous battles you’ll have in Trails of Cold Steel IV (TOCS4).

Scanning the opponent will provide you a full list of their powers and weaknesses, as well as adding them to your Battle Notebook. All of this adds to the accomplishment of the Chronicle Of Battle trophy.

  • OPPOSITION: Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’
  • CHAPTER: ACT / CHAPTER 1: The Class VII Trails
  • BONUS AP? ——-
  • LEVEL: 90
  • HP: 81720
  • EXP: 1424
  • U-Material, Strike 2 ITEMS
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Advanced prototype archaism. When it finds targets, it goes into extermination mode. When severely injured, it self-destructs.
  • 1626571881_201_TOCS4-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-IV-4-%E2%80%93-Oz-Mirage





Trails Of Cold Steel IV is the latest installment to the award-winning action role-playing game series by Aquma Games (TOCS) and Nihon Falcom. In this fourth installment, the battle between the Militesi Empire and the Holy Kingdom of Canopus rages on as the only survivors of the Militesi Empire’s new-model imperial army, the “Oz”, are sent to the remote Kingdom of Judar at the end of the Canopus Royal Charter and the end of the Militesi Empire’s military strength.. Read more about trails of cold steel 4 8 9 and let us know what you think.


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