If you are looking for a build that can go vertical, then you are probably looking for a wall mounted PC. Wall mounted PCs are the best choice for gamers who are always on the go. Overall, these are extremely easy to build. All of the main components are easily accessible, meaning you won’t have to visit the hardware store to for anything.

PC builders are not new to the idea of leaving behind the regular tower case and going for the more compact wall-mounted solution, but if you are interested in learning about walls, not cables, this project is for you.

If you are into PC gaming, then you most likely own a gaming computer with a gaming monitor attached. However, before you put it all together, you need to decide where to place your computer. If you are looking for a wall mounted PC build, then you need to choose the best place to place your PC. First, consider the size of the room you are working with. Then, consider the type of desk you are working with, as well as the height of the desk.

Are you fed up with your outdated tower and desktop chassis? Do you want a computer that can be placed on the wall? The wall-mounted PC is one of the most popular PCs on the market, capturing the attention of both buyers and sellers. 

The majority of people like to see some fresh styles and designs on their laptops. With this growing need in mind, most experts and researchers have discovered that wall-mounted systems are appealing.

A variety of components are utilized to construct wall-mounted computers. The chassis for these systems is different, and the installation procedure for all of the essential components is also different from that of older PCs.

Furthermore, it is unknown who was the first to mount a computer on the wall, but as soon as this design hit the market, all eyes were drawn to it. It has many benefits for users and may be used as a decoration. 

The majority of wall-mounted PC chassis are open-air, which has caused them to stand out among users. We’ll go through the components and how this PC was built in this section.       

The Building Blocks of a Wall-Mounted PC

The wall-mounted computer system, like the pre-built computer system, needs certain components for the process of constructing the desired game build. All of these components must be of high quality in order for you to have a long-lasting and dependable wall-mounted PC in your home.

Read attentively all of the components listed below that are available on the market for this reason.


The CPU is the component of the wall-mounted PC that ensures the system’s seamless operation. The Intel Core i9 7700K is the most highly rated CPU in its category.


The most important component of a computer system is memory, which is required for data storage. In this case, you should choose with a TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 8GB. If an 8GB memory disk is not available, you may utilize two 4GB memory drives.

Computer Graphics Card

Use an Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1070 Ti Founder Edition to get high-quality pixels on your output device’s screen. There are other graphics cards on the market, but this is the finest. 

Cooler for the CPU 

3.0 360 Thermaltake water When building a wall-mounted PC, a cooling CPU cooler must be connected to the whole system since it keeps your system cool by regulating the temperature. 


Use the Corsair RM850X White PSU to make your wall-mounted PC setup the best in every aspect. This will ensure that your system is both functional and attractive.


Because the motherboard is important for the overall performance of a wall-mounted PC setup, it is recommended that you choose a Gigabyte Z270X-Designare. The computer system’s seamless operation is ensured by the strong motherboard.

The Case

The casing, along with all of the other components, is critical since it provides your wall-mounted PC setup an appealing and professional appearance. As a result, a Thermaltake Core P5 Open Air Case is required.

Essentials for a Case

The case necessities are also required to complete and improve the reliability of your wall-mounted PC setup. Thermaltake Core P5 AIO Bracket is required for this purpose. 

SSD (solid-state drive) (SSD)

To prevent any mishaps, SSDs utilize integrated components to store your data. In this case, you’ll need a PNY XLR8 CS2211 with a capacity of 240GB. To prevent memory loss, this will store all of your important data.


The most important factor in recognizing all of the components of a wall-mounted PC setup is lighting. Furthermore, it provides the whole system an enticing appearance. For your build, you may utilize Corsair Lighting Node Pro.

Drive (hard disk) (HDD)

The hard disk drive (HDD) is an electromechanical data storage device that keeps your data secure and makes it available when you need it. It is suggested that you use the WD Red 4TB NAS WD4001FFSX, which has the finest characteristics. 

Constructing a Wall-Mounted PC

It’s not as simple as it seems to design a wall-mounted computer. To construct a wall-mounted PC, you’ll need a lot of time and work, as well as a lot of expertise. If you are new to the computer world, you will not be able to construct such a computer on your own. 

This development requires much research, and the component or substance to be utilized in its production is crucial. The appropriate material for constructing a wall-mounted computer is determined by the kind of system you need, such as a gaming or business computer. 

Selecting the Best Material


Because this is a wall-mounted PC, we’ll also need some additional materials to help the PC attach to the wall. Let’s have a look at the various necessary components further down.    


Keeping in mind that the PC will be placed against the wall, you’ll need material that can withstand the weight. It’s possible that the plastic isn’t of good enough quality to break quickly, or that it’s too weak to support the weight of other components.  


You don’t need any special steel sheet if you’re planning on using the same old design and old rustic style PCs. Instead, you may use the same old steel and be good to go. Steel selection is mostly determined by the available budget.  


You may have noticed that most wall mounted PC cases are constructed of wood. The important thing to note here is that the wood was not just picked up and molded like this. That is how the timber must be chosen. It should be as thick as plywood and as sturdy as that. Plywood is also suggested in this situation.   


Metal is utilized for a variety of reasons in the manufacture of wall-mounted computers. For long-term dependability and longevity, metal must be pure and robust. If the water cooling system is constructed out of metal pipe, it will appear crazy on the wall and will add to the room’s attractiveness. 

Layout Diagramming

1629679317_26_Wall-Mounted-PC-Build-Step-by-Step-Building-Processmrmemo is an imgur user.

The layout design is the most essential aspect to consider while planning and executing any project. The open case design of the wall-mounted PC necessitates flexibility in order to arrange all of the components of your construction. 

The motherboard should be placed on the upper left side of the chassis, and the hard drives should be placed on the right side of the chassis, according to the majority of competent designers. Everything can be rearranged and altered on a wall-mounted PC, so there is no need to be concerned about such things.   

Holes that have been pre-drilled

1629679318_376_Wall-Mounted-PC-Build-Step-by-Step-Building-Processmrmemo is an imgur user.

The key thing to remember is that most users drill pilot holes before drilling holes in the base. This causes a slew of problems, wreaking havoc on their well-designed chassis and, in some instances, destroying it. 

Make certain that you create holes according to the needs of the system in the base before drilling your pilot hole. The most important thing to remember is to line up both the pilot and base holes before continuing. This is self-evident; in order to prevent any difficulties later, you must first complete a few steps.   

Install the Motherboard


You must proceed after sketching the plan and having the pre-drilled holes in the base of the construction. In this case, you’ll need a screw that’s the same size as the thickness of the base. 

Because it is the most hazardous aspect of building a wall-mounted PC, the motherboard must be properly installed and made to fit in the screw. You may damage your motherboard if you are negligent.

Incorporate the Graphic Card


After you’ve assembled your PC, you’ll need to use a bracket to secure the graphics card. However, since your wall-mounted PC is exposed to the elements, specialized solutions are needed. 

This maintains your graphic card in the proper position. The graphic card may tumble down if you don’t have the bracket, breaking the PC connection.

It’s also a good idea to utilize the vertical graphics card mount to secure your graphics card and prevent any mishaps. 

Ensured Electricity


The power supply is in charge of supplying electricity to your wall-mounted PC setup. To make ON/OFF functions easier, the power supply is typically connected near the bottom of the construction. 

The distance between the screws at the bottom of the structure must be measured. The custom screw, on the other hand, must be cut to fit the thickness of the base of your project. 

Connect the hard drive


It is suggested that you utilize a hard disk, which may be SSD or HDD depending on your needs, to clear the front. Use a sturdy velcro strip on the rear of your build’s casing to attach the SSD. 

Velcro is the ideal choice since it does not put any strain on the construction and because of its high melting point of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it cannot be easily destroyed. It also makes it simple to relocate the hard drive if you wish to change the look of your case. 

The SSD mounting bracket may be used on the back of the base material if you don’t want to use a velcro strip.

Final Thoughts

Following the guidelines for the procedure and obtaining a thorough understanding of the components used in the construction, it was determined that a wall-mounted PC build is the best choice. It’s beneficial since it saves space and allows you to create a powerful PC for gaming and workstation at a low cost.

If you’re building a new gaming PC and you don’t want to spend hours researching what parts you’ll need, this is the guide for you! The Windows 10 guide will guide you through selecting and assembling your parts and build your personal gaming rig.. Read more about custom wall-mounted pc and let us know what you think.

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How do you build a PC a step by step guide to building the best PC?

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How do you mount a computer case to the wall?

You can use a screwdriver to mount the case to the wall.

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