Welcome to the Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items Guide. This guide will cover every single item and armor in the game. All items and armor have pictures linked, so you can see what the items look like in game. Although the guide is a massive text document, I’ve also included a table of contents and a “quick reference” section with a list of every item and armor in the game.

This guide will cover all of the items that are available in the game, with a special focus on the armor and weapons. Most of the gear is obtained through quests, but some are acquired by simply exploring or randomly opening chests. Before diving into the items, it’s important to note that most of the equipment is based on stats and abilities, rather than appearance, which is why it may not match up exactly with what you think it should look like. In addition, some items are not necessary to equip at all, and others may only be useful for specific quests.

In a recent post I did not list a single item for the game “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” and I do not plan to do so in the near future. I simply limited the number of items I listed because, quite frankly, it was getting very difficult to find new and interesting things for the game.. Read more about witcher 2 crafting guide and let us know what you think.

Blue devil 99’s Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor, and Items guide. Select a page:

  • Items in Chapter 1
  • Items in Chapter 2
  • Items in Chapter 3
  • Reinforcements and Runes (weapon and armor upgrades)
  • Crafting Assistance (and how to find ingredients)
  • Help with quests and items (a guide to several end game item quests)

This Guide’s Content

The statistics and locations of weapons, armor, and other useful things in The Witcher 2 are provided in this guide. This is not a complete list of weapons and armor available in the game; rather, the goal is to get the most powerful weaponry attainable as early as feasible in each Chapter. I won’t bother with gloves or boots unless in exceptional circumstances since they add so little to Geralt’s statistics.

The items are organized in an outline format. Item statistics change somewhat from game to game, which is strange. Make a save at the NPC’s home when you give in a set of notes to acquire the Gwyhyr sword in Act 2 to try this. Reload the sword many times and turn in the notes: the weapon’s basic stun chance ranges from 5 to 9%. (the bleed percentage varies as well). As a result, the item stats given here should only be used as a guide.

Many of the finest things are, of course, quest rewards. The guide includes the name of the quest and, if the quest has several endings, a short explanation of the circumstances under which Geralt gets the item to make things as spoiler-free as possible. These descriptions are intentionally vague in order to avoid giving away mission specifics, but you should be able to figure out what to do once you arrive. There are no detailed walkthroughs for these quests available here.


However, certain broad spoilers are inevitable, such as the fact that the plot diverges significantly depending on who Geralt picks as his friends. Geralt’s choices will have an effect on when some things become accessible, and other items may not be available at all. This guide, like the game guide, names two important NPCs and defines their route as the narrative when Geralt decides to side with them early in the game. Please stop reading if you don’t want to know these two names (which should be obvious fairly early on).

There are two other exceptions: Completing missions and/or gathering suitable goods from previous Chapters are two of the most potent end-game items. At the conclusion of the booklet, there are brief explanations of how to acquire certain difficult-to-find goods. In addition, I give a short summary of what you will need to do to obtain the finest equipment as soon as possible at the beginning of each Chapter’s part. This is, once again, as spoiler-free as possible.

Because I haven’t been able to get the Troll Trouble DLC to function as of this writing, the item list for Chapter 1 is incomplete. I’ve included one armor from that mission that I know of.

Notes on the characteristics of weapons and armor

In addition to basic damage, several weapons include critical effects like bleed, poison, incinerate, and stun. The finest of them is stun, since a stunned opponent is defenseless and will die instantly if struck. Regrettably, the stun effect is uncommon, and most weapons with it have a very low base probability.

Next on my list is Incinerate. Incinerated opponents suffer damage over time and may sometimes cease fighting and attempt to extinguish themselves. As a result, I strongly suggest using fire runes (see Runes and Enhancements section).

  • Chapter 1 of the Witcher Weapons, Armor, and Items Guide

There are so many different types of weapons, armor and items in the Witcher 2 that it can be easy to get confused navigating them, especially if you are a beginner. In this guide I will be going through the weapons, armor and items in the game, classifying them into different categories, and give a fair and balanced guide to them. Having completed the game a few times, and having gone through the game and read all the books, I feel I know what to expect when it comes to items and weapons. The guide will include screenshots of most items, and will cover all the weapons, armor and items that are used in the game.. Read more about the witcher 2 best equipment and let us know what you think.

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