(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : How To Perform Carom & Combination Shots (Pool / Billiards) Completion Guide

Carom and combination shots are difficult shots to master in many games, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can nail them every time. By applying the proven methods I’ve outlined here, you can master these shots and improve your game.

(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : How To Perform Carom & Combination Shots (Pool / Billiards) Completion Guide In this guide, we will be covering the basic techniques of performing the carom and combination shots in Pool and Billiards. The Carom Shot and the Combination Shot are the two most common shots in games such as Pool, Billiards and Snooker. It is important to know how to perform these shots in order to win in the games.

You can play pool or billiards on your computer and you can do it in the easiest way ever. Yakuza ZerO is a perfect pocket billiards game for your computer and is the best pool game ever. It’s designed to be played with mouse and keyboard and has a few different game modes.

To obtain 100% completion and the magnificent Perfectionist trophy accomplishment, you must finish the Pool / Billiards mini-game segment, which requires you to play the Carom and Combination shots.

This should be a piece of cake for you if you know your pool/billiards. Those that do not, on the other hand, must position the ball precisely and utilize the cue indication in order to pull off these strokes!

Below is a tutorial that should assist you with this job!


The simplest method is to play alone and knock the balls where you need them; fortunately, you may foul, so this is possible.





It’s not uncommon for players of table games to want to learn how to perform difficult shots. In the past, many times I’ve been on the receiving end of shots that I couldn’t perform or understand. Playing with a cue stick, you come across shots that are difficult to sink a ball into the pocket.  With the bamboocue on the other hand, you can achieve much more than with only a cue stick.  Let’s see how you can improve your skills with a bamboocue.. Read more about combination shot yakuza 0 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carom shot Yakuza 0?

To carom shot in Yakuza 0, you would need to press the left trigger and then the right trigger.

How do you take carom shots?

Carom shots are a shot in which the cue ball hits the object ball and then bounces off of it. They can be made with either a bank shot or a jump shot, but they are most often seen in snooker.

What is a carom shot Yakuza kiwami?

A carom shot is a shot in pool where the cue ball strikes two or more cushions at once.

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