To find your Dark Souls 2 Soul Levels by Zone Guide, start out by selecting your chosen game from the drop-down menu. This will bring up the game’s information page. In the upper-left corner you will see a button labeled “Walkthroughs”. Click on this to bring up a list of guides for this game. Click on the first entry in the list titled “Dark Souls 2 – Easy Walkthrough – Zone 1 – Brume Tower” to bring up a guide that will lead you through the Brume Tower area of the game.

The Souls series is known for its punishing difficulty, but two players have found a way to level up without having to fight bosses.

Dark Souls 2 is a great game for fans of the Souls series, but for many players, it can be a bit tough to get through the game’s early levels. This guide will show you a way to get more out of the game, without having to start all over again. I’ll also be showing you how these levels can be used to optimize your character for the game’s PVP arena!. Read more about what level to beat dark souls 2 and let us know what you think.

Here’s a chart that indicates what level you should be in each zone in Dark Souls 2.

  1. Things in the Middle – Any Level
  2. Any Level Majula
  3. [10-20] Forest of Fallen Giants
  4. Heide’s Tower of Flame & Cathedral of Blue – [30-40]
  5. [35-45] No-Wharf Man’s
  6. The Lost Bastille & Belfry Luna – [55-65]
  7. Huntsman’s Copse & Undead Purgatory – [55-65]
  8. [60-70] Harvest Valley
  9. [65-75] Earthen Peak
  10. The Pit & Grave of Saints – [45-55]
  11. The Gutter & Black Gulch – [65-75]
  1. Iron Keep & Belfry Sol – [80-90]
  2. [80-90] Shaded Woods
  3. Pharros’ Doors – [80-90]
  4. Brightstone Cove Tseldora & Lord’s Private Chamber – [90-100]
  5. [95-105] Sinner’s Rise
  6. Shrine of Winter & Drangleic Castle – [95-105]
  7. King’s Passage & Shrine of Amana – [95-105]
  8. -[100-110] Undead Crypt
  9. [100-110] Aldia’s Keep
  10. Dragon Aerie & Dragon Shrine – [105-115]
  11. Ancient Reminiscences – [110-120]
  12. [110-120] Throne of Despair
  13. Dark Chasm of Old – [95-105] Optional Area

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Dark Souls 2 Soul Levels (DS2SL) is a Soul Level and Questing Guide app for Dark Souls 2, designed to help players find the best ways to level up by finding and completing the best quests.. Read more about dark souls 2 leveling guide and let us know what you think.

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