Following the release of the second season of Paladins, we have been hard at work creating a tier list for the upcoming season. This is a long-term project, so we have been going through each and every champion and evaluating their performance, as well as their viability. We have a lot of work to do still, so we will be updating this post throughout the season so that we can provide a comprehensive list by the end of the year.

Hello everyone, in this article I will be going over how I rank all the champions in Paladins in August of 2021, with a focus on their performances in the lower tiers. This will include input from me and my team of level 10 players (yes that is a thing).

We got started on building out our first tier list by first making a list of the best champions and then ranking them. After we had that list we then made a list of the worst champions and ranked them. After we had rankings on the worst champions we then we had a list of the most under-rated champions and ranked them as well as the most over-rated champions. Once we had those lists we then ranked all of those last three lists and then ranked them as well as making a tier list of the best champions and the worst champions of all those lists.. Read more about paladins tier list 2021 july and let us know what you think.

Paladins is a game you should play in 2021 if multiplayer and character development are important to you. It’s a team-based shooter that was released in 2018. You get to create a booming character portfolio and utilize it against your opponents, much as in Overwatch. So far, the game has produced 45 playable characters, each with their own set of gaming characteristics. It’s worth noting that the game is entirely sci-fi, which means you’ll encounter a variety of weapons and abilities that aren’t found in our world.

To elaborate, the game features “Champions,” who are fictional characters. To put it another way, these champions correspond to the many kinds of classes you may play with. You must win the final position, much as in Overwatch and other battle royale games. So, if you’re interested in learning more about how the game works and which character to choose at the end of the day, check out this paladins tier list.

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  1. SS+ Tier – Do you need an advantage? If you want to push ahead in many fights, these champions are your best bet. Even with these champions, the winning rate is at an all-time high. However, keep in mind that your opponents may use the same champions as you, so attempt to counter their assaults.
  2. S Tier – The playable characters in this tier are on par with the champions in the SS+ tier in terms of quality. Only a handful of the skills or traits are a buzzkill in this case. Otherwise, you may utilize these heroes to defeat your opponents in many bouts.
  3. A Tier– There is no danger in utilizing these champions if you know how to use them properly. They are mediocre and can be called on a 50/50 probabilistic ratio, but if used correctly, they are worth a while. To fully use the power of these playable characters, you’ll also need to coordinate these champions with your other teammates.
  4. B Tier– The champion should not be finalized at this tier. Yes, you may use them for practice and other matches, but for the most part, they are severely nerfed. True, you may still use them in rated matches, but you’ll be at a disadvantage at the end of the day.

SS+ Tier


Champion   Normal Capabilities Ultimate Class
Atlas Second Chance, Setback Stasis Field, Chrono Cannon  Exile On the front lines
Koga Agility, Hellkite Claws, Shadow Step, Skewer Dragon Stance, Submachine Guns  Strike of the Cyclone Flank
Inara Warder’s Field, Stone Spear, Earthen Guard, Impasse Seismic Shock On the front lines
Cassie Scout, Crossbow, Disengage, Blast Shot, Dodge   Scout, roll!   Damage
Barik Rocket Boots, Blunderbuss, Barricade, Turret   Dome Shield is a shield that protects you from harm.   On the front lines
Makoa   Dredge Anchor, Shell Shield, Shell Spin, Cannon, Dredge Anchor, Dredge Anchor, Dredge Anchor, Dredge Anchor, Dredge Anchor, Dr   Ancient Fury On the front lines      
Bomb King is a character in the game Bomb King   Detonate, Sticky Bomb, Grumpy Bomb, Poppy Bomb   King Bomb Damage
Imani Elemental Shift, Frostfire Glide, Pyre Ball Frost Bomb, Inferno Cannon, Elemental Shift     The Call of the Dragons   Damage
Viktor Hustle, Assault Rifle, Iron Sights, Frag Grenade   Barrage Damage

S Tier


Champion   Normal Capabilities Ultimate Class
Lian Grace Enlightenment, Heirloom Rifle, Valor Presence (Ultimate)   Enlightenment   Damage  
Ying Shatter, Illusion, Dimensional Link, Illusory Mirror   Rift of Illusion   Support
Seris Shadow Travel, Soul Orb, Restore Soul, Rend Soul   Convergence Support
Mal’Damba   Slither, Spitting Cobra, Mending Spirits, Gourd   Serpent of Dread Support
Androxus Nether Step, Revolver, Defiance, Reversal   Arm of the Cursed Flank
Ash Shoulder Bash, Burst Cannon, Kinetic Burst, Siege Shield   Make a Statement of Dominance On the front lines  
Fernando Charge, Flame Lance, Shield, Fireball   Immortal   On the front lines  
Terminus Calamity Blast, Massacre Axe, and Power Siphon Shatterfall Reanimate On the front lines  
Khan Commander’s Grab, Heavy Repeater, Bulwark, Battle Shout Overpower On the front lines
Io Lunar jump, Light Bow, Moonlight, Guardian Spirit Begone Support
Strix Quick Switch, Talon Rifle/Pistol, Scope/Flare, Talon Rifle/Pistol, Talon Rifle/Pistol, Talon Rifle/Pistol, Tal   Flashbang Damage
Sha Lin Withdraw, Long Bow, Crippling Arrow, Rapid Shot Heat Haze Damage
Willo Overgrowth Wand, Dead Zone, Seedling, and Flutter Flight of the Fae Damage

A Tier


Champion   Normal Capabilities Ultimate Class
Furia Wings of Wraith, Pyre Blade, Kindle Soul, Pyre Strike Inflame Support
Jenos Astral Mark, Void Grip, Stellar Wind, Star Splitter Through Space and Time Support
Grover Crippling Throw, Blossom, Vine, Throwing Axe Whirlwind Support
Pip Weightless, Potion Launcher, Explosive Flask, Healing Potion Evil Mojo Support
Drogoz Thrust, Salvo, Rocket Launcher, Fire Spirit Punching the Dragon Damage
Kinessa Transporter, Sniper Rifle, Sniper Mode, Oppressor Mine Headhunter Damage
Torvald Nullify, Protect, and Recharge are all words that come to mind when you think of the Gauntlet. Hyper Beam (Hyper Beam) is a On the front lines
Lex Magnums, Pursuit, Punishment, and Combat Slide The Law Flank
Evie Blink, Soar, Ice Staff, Ice Block Ice Storm Flank
Talus Rune of Travel, Vercharger, Blitz Upper, Overcharge True Strength Flank
Zhin Counter, Billow, Whirl, and Inferno Blade Spite Flank
Dredge Shortcut, Cursed Howitzer, Broadside, Harpoon Kraken Damage
Raum Juggernaut, Hellfire Gatling, Ignition, Soul Harvest Cataclysm On the front lines

B Tier


Champion   Normal Capabilities Ultimate Class
Vivian Sensor Drone, Light Machine Gun, Precision Sights, Deflector Shield Sentinels Damage
Tyra Hunter’s Mark, Auto Rifle, Nade Launcher, Fire Bomb Crossfire Damage
Ruckus Missile Launcher, Emitter, Miniguns, and Advance Hexa Fire On the front lines
Buck Heroic Leap, Shotgun, Net Shot, Recovery Buck Wild Flank
Grohk Ghost Walk, Lightning Staff, Shock Pulse, Healing Totem Tempest Support
Moji Scamper, Familiar Spit, Familiar Spray, Magic Barrier Good luck! Flank
Skye Poison Bolts, Smoke Screen, and Hidden Wrist Crossbow Time Bomb Flank
Maeve Pounce, Nine Lives, and Prowl are all words that come to mind when you think about daggers. Midnight Flank

Finally, some ideas

That’s all there is to it! I hope you are able to secure your ideal front-line persona. In any case, other mediocre characters for support and damage are worth a look. They are well worth the money. Have fun gaming!

Paladins is an action multiplayer team-based shooter, based on disrupting the flow of battle on the front lines with specially designed, ultra-powerful hero characters. The game is popular with the competitive gaming community, which has helped it gain an enthusiastic following. The game is played across a number of different game modes, including Control, Assault, and Escort. Each of these game modes put players into different roles on the battlefield. Control, for example, is a team-based game of capturing and holding power points, while Assault is a more competitive game where players are trying to capture and hold points.. Read more about paladins best healer 2021 and let us know what you think.


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