Trails of Cold Steel is a tactical role-playing game (TRPG) with turn-based combat and a non-linear storyline. Your party will fight and experience different kinds of situations as they go on their journey.

If you have been following this blog, you are likely familiar with our series of guide posts for the latest iteration of the Trails of Cold Steel series. With every new release, we attempt to cover as many of the side quests as possible. We have already done a number of guide posts for the main quests, but this marks the beginning of the fourth chapter.

Trails Of Cold Steel III (ToC3) is a tactical RPG for the PlayStation 3. The game contains a lot of sidequests, but little information about these sidequests have been translated into English. Therefore, a guide is created to help you complete the sidequests. In this guide, you will find which sidequests you should do, and for which characters.. Read more about trails of cold steel 3 chapter 4 walkthrough and let us know what you think.

Trails Of Cold Steel 3 features a plethora of extra Side Quests for you to explore and hopefully finish, much like the previous Trails of Cold Steel titles.

Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Chapter 4 Side Quests and where to find each one. 

1) QUEST NAME: Rock & a Hard Place QUEST GIVER: Valerie DATE: 7/4 – Tuesday (Before Exams) LOCATION: Rooftop – Thor’s Campus GUIDE:

This is a very easy side mission that does not require much work, but given that it is the chapter’s first task, it should come as no surprise. Anyway, talk to Valerie, who appears to be experiencing some problems and doesn’t feel like she belongs. Then it’s on to 2F, where you should hopefully locate Gustaf; by chatting with him, you’ll discover a little more about Gustaf’s feelings for Valerie. The only other person we need to meet with now is Pablo, who can be found in the Campus Cafeteria; after speaking with him, just return to Valerie to complete the mission.


2) QUEST NAME: Where’s the Rum gone? (Missable?) QUEST GIVER: Randolph DATE: 7/8 (Saturday Night) LOCATION: Nyo Imports (Leeves) GUIDE:

Now, I’m not sure whether this is missable or not; I believe you may swap things and accessories for it, but I’m not sure since I usually end up with the Rum to begin with.

Anyway, when you talk to Randolph, he’ll remark that he’s looking for a particular kind of rum, which the store he’s at doesn’t carry. Now, because I got this in the previous chapter, I’m not sure whether this is missable or not. You may always check the exchange store since it often sells possible things that were overlooked in earlier chapters, but I didn’t notice it because I already had it. 

Regardless, I was able to get it from Chapter 3 – Riviera Court (Ordis)

It’s also available through the Exchange Store.


3) QUEST NAME: Is This Your Card? QUEST GIVER: Jingo DATE: 7/9 – Sunday LOCATION: Neinvalli Exchange – Leeves GUIDE:

When you talk with Jingo, she will tell you about a rare pack of Cards she has, but the catch is that you must pay 5,000 Mira to continue the quest; go ahead and do it. Your next stop will be School – 2F, where you will talk with Stark and learn that these cards are his. You will ultimately have the choice of accepting or rejecting his offer of 100,000 mira. If you reject his offer, you will earn additional AP; but, if you do not want the extra AP, you may take the mira instead; the decision is yours. 


4) QUEST NAME: Liza’s Gift QUEST GIVER: Liza DATE: 7/9 – Sunday LOCATION: Bakery & Cafe – Leeves GUIDE:

This is a straightforward fend and fetch quest. You’ve been given the job of going to several places and either locating or chatting with certain important people in order to locate a piece of paper written by Liza’s boyfriend. The following are some of the places you should visit:

1) Leeves Station – Make a mental note on one of the benches. 2) Church/Chapel – Father Henry is the person to contact. 3) Vegetable Garden – In the Shade of the Tree

Liza will appear once you have studied the Tree, and the mission will be completed.


5) QUEST NAME: The Radio Stars QUEST GIVER: Munk DATE: 7/9 – Sunday LOCATION: Radio Trista – Leeves GUIDE:

Munk will want you to perform a play for the radio for this one, and there are a few alternative paths you may go in this one. However, we personally like the story’s whole Engineering element, therefore this mission will be completed with that in mind. Following your chat with Munk, go to the Hangar and speak with Mint, who will agree to assist the Radio Station after some discussion. You’ll then be given a series of dialogue options to choose from, and answering all of them correctly will earn you bonus AP.

1) Neun should be thanked casually. 2) Make a firm demand on her.


6) QUEST NAME: Maya’s Malaise  QUEST GIVER: Maya DATE: 7/9 – Sunday LOCATION: Pool / Training Ground GUIDE:

Something appears to be bothering Maya, and Rean is determined to figure out what it is. As a result, you’ll be charged with visiting certain locations and chatting with specific people.

+ Randolph in Dorm 1F + Jessica in Academy Field + Leonora in Clubhouse/Pool Training Ground + Sidney in Lapin Boutique

Return to Maya and complete the mission after speaking with everyone.


7) QUEST NAME: White-Hot Swimming Competition QUEST GIVER: Wayne DATE: 7/9 – Sunday LOCATION: Clubhouse GUIDE:

As the name implies, this is essentially a swimming competition side task. Simply choose someone to participate in a series of races, and winning each one will earn you an additional AP point; if you win the last race, you will get an additional 2 AP points. If you don’t win the first time, you may always try again.


8) QUEST NAME: Does it belong in a Museum? QUEST GIVER: Rilke DATE: 7/15 – Saturday LOCATION: Imperial Museum – Heimdallr (Leica District) GUIDE:

Rilke seems to have discovered a potential item for his museum. He is uncertain, though, whether it is a safe item to keep lying about for people to look at. So your mission is to go to the South Ostia Highway, where Rean will automatically wear the Artifact, which you will be unable to remove due to the game’s instructions. Your next objective is to kill 4-5 various fiends on this part of the map, and after you’ve done so, you may return to Rilke and complete the mission.


9) QUEST NAME: Empty Nest QUEST GIVER: Bernard DATE: 7/15 – Saturday LOCATION: Holy Flat Apartments (Heimdallr) Vesta Street GUIDE:

You’ll be charged with finding and capturing Bernard’s parakeet, Chucky, in this one. He may be found at the following locations:

+ Sank District (Near the Fountain) + Bus Stop (On the Roof of the Stand) + Street Light (North) + Among the Pigeons (At the Fountain) + Hotel Valar (2F Bed)


10) QUEST NAME: Riding the Orbal Waves QUEST GIVER: Johannes DATE: 7/15 – Saturday LOCATION: Lumiere Orbal Factory (Heimdallr) GUIDE:

You will be given a specialized gadget to check certain locations for anything suspect in this one. You should look at the following areas:

1) Outside in the open (Wave Intensity: 102. Analysis: Normal) 2) Boutique Le Sage (Wave Intensity: 109. Analysis: Normal) 3) Three-way intersection (Wave Intensity: 113. Analysis: Normal) 4) Bifrost Plaza (Wave Intensity: 117. Analysis: Normal) 5) Watson Armory (Watson Armory) (Wave Intensity: 121. Analysis: Normal) 6) Bifrost Plaza (Side Entrance) (Wave Intensity: 139. Analysis: Elevated) 7) Between Plaza Bifrost and Imperial Chronicle, there is a section (Wave Intensity: 152. Analysis: High) Imperial Chronicle, No. 8 (Wave Intensity: 197. Analysis: Warning) *MISSABLE/SKIPPABLE* 9) Red Van ((Wave Intensity: 175. Analysis: Warning) Obtaining this one, though, provides some more AP.

After you’ve collected them all, go to the Imperial Chronicle for a little more conversation before returning to Johannes to complete the mission.


11) QUEST NAME: Legendary Recipe QUEST GIVER: Sandy DATE: 7/15 – Saturday LOCATION: Ostia Camp – Heimdallr GUIDE:

You’ll be charged with finding three particular Mushrooms for this one. Fortunately, they are shown on the map with a Green Icon, so all you have to do is go to the following locations:

+ Heimdallr Underground 2 + South Ostia Highway + West Ostia Highway

Note: In order to access some places, you may need to advance the narrative a little.


12) QUEST NAME: A Lost & Distant Boy QUEST GIVER: Roscoe & Bella DATE: 7/16 – Sunday LOCATION: Dreichels Plaza – Heimdallr GUIDE:

You’ll have to track down their missing kid, Artem, for this one. You may do so by visiting the locations listed below:

+ Lady Laniela in the Leica District + Chris on Vainqueur Street + Dolce on Vesta Street + Racecourse Plaza – This is where he is and can be found.

After finding and speaking to Artem the quest will then end


13) QUEST NAME: Melody of the Past QUEST GIVER: President Morgan DATE: 7/17 – Monday LOCATION: Reiveldt Company – Heimdallr GUIDE:

After speaking with Morgan about a Music Box, you will be required to speak with both Michael and Claire, who may be found at the following locations:

Field Camp Claire – Dreichel’s Plaza – Major Michael (Near the Fountain)

To complete the mission, speak with both of them and then return to Morgan.


14) QUEST NAME: A-da to Frit-Z QUEST GIVER: Fritz and Ada DATE: 7/17 – Monday LOCATION: Vander Training Hall GUIDE:

Simple one that just requires you to speak to either Fritz or Ada and eventually it leads to a Soldat Mech fight, they are not particularly powerful and it’s mainly the head and arms that are their most vulnerable spots.


15) QUEST NAME: The Cryptid Keeper QUEST GIVER: Imperial Household Agency DATE: 7/17 – Monday LOCATION: West Ostia Highway – Heimdallr GUIDE:

You’ll need to take down another Cryptid for this one, but as long as you bring Musse, it’ll be a piece of cake. Also, make sure your party has Burn and Faint resistance equipment.

To quickly defeat this monster, begin the battle with Divine Song Order, then use Musse to cast Blue Ascension to do massive damage, and finally finish it off with S-Craft when it enters Break.






TOCS3 is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed by Nihon Falcom, published by XSEED Games and released in 2013. This is the fourth installment of the Trails of Cold Steel series.. Read more about trails of cold steel 3 chapter 1 walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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