A compilation of all the unlockable costumes in Yakuza 6 in English and Japanese. (This is the first of a series of blog intros for this game)

No thread today, but I have a few Yakuza 6 costumes I’ve done.

In Yakuza 6, there are only 7 playable characters in the game: Kazuma Kiryu, Haruka Sawamura, Goro Majima, Terada, Taiga Saejima, Shinjuku, and Ichiban Kasuga. However, there are many unlockable costumes in the game that will be available to play online after purchasing them. These costumes can be purchased from the in-game store.. Read more about yakuza kiwami 2 unlockable outfits and let us know what you think.

(Y6) Yakuza 6 has many unlockable outfits, much like the previous Yakuza games.

After finishing the game at least once, these outfits will be unlocked and accessible. After that, you may either locate Bob the Clown or go to New Serene and the Save Point Closet in the newly unlocked Premium Adventure Mode (As seen in the below video)

You can’t wear these costumes in story mode, either. They’re only accessible once you’ve completed the game and chosen the Premium Adventure Mode.

There are no particular criteria or restrictions for unlocking them; they are immediately accessible after choosing Premium Adventure Mode.






Under the hood, Yakuza 6 is a beast. The game’s script is enormous, weighing in at over 100,000 lines. The core engine has been overhauled to support 1,000 character models with the same amount of polygons. The game presents around 50 hours of gameplay, and for good reason: the overall quality is spectacular, with stunning cutscenes, amazing loading screens, and a fascinating storyline that is worth of the Yakuza series.. Read more about yakuza 4 costumes and let us know what you think.

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