ASRock is launching new X470 chipset Taichi motherboards, the company’s first gaming motherboard.

ASRock launches X470 chipset Taichi motherboards. The asrock x470 taichi ultimate is a motherboard that has been designed for gamers and overclockers.

Taipei, Taiwan – ASRock today announced a new range of motherboards using the X470 chipset in the Taichi series, which is aimed at enthusiasts. ASRock is a prominent motherboard maker that has manufactured motherboards for both AMD and Intel with a variety of chipsets.

Taichi motherboards with the X470 chipset are designed to meet the needs of people who wish to get the most out of AMD’s Ryzen 2000 series APUs. These motherboards offer strong features that should allow for maximum performance in all areas, including overclocking and upgradeability. is the source of this image.

Overclocking and RGB Lighting

The Taichi motherboards, as seen in the image above, feature a solid design with a large Taichi logo printed on the southbridge, which also has RGB lighting. There are just two motherboards in the Taichi range that ASRock has shown so far, each with its own set of features and color choices. The X470 Taichi Ultimate is one, while the X470 Taichi Ultimate is the other.

X470 Taichi is the source of this image.

The motherboards include a strong VRM section with 16 power phases and a XXL Aluminium Alloy heatsink for excellent overclocking stability. With the assistance of ASRock RGB Coordinate software, you may utilize several RGB headers on the motherboards to beautify your system and sync the LED lighting effects with other components.

ASRock X470 chipset Taichi is the source of this image.


The motherboards feature a full coverage heatsink for heat dissipation and support up to Type 22110 M.2 SSDs in addition to the standard 2280 M.2 SSD. It features a blistering fast 10Gigabit LAN for internet connection, which speeds up gaming, file transfers, and SOHO performance, among other things.

ASRock has manufactured a total of six motherboards, five of which are ATX and one of which is Mini-ITX. The Taichi motherboards’ prices have yet to be announced.

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ASRock has launched a new X470 chipset Taichi motherboards. The boards are designed for gaming enthusiasts that want to overclock their system. Reference: asrock x470 master sli.


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