Best motherboards for i5 8400

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In the ever-changing world of PC hardware, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite motherboards for Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs.

The motherboard for i5 9400f is a motherboard that has been designed to meet the needs of gamers. It comes with features such as RGB lighting, dual M.2 slots, and more.

With the release of Intel’s 8th-generation Core processors, the days of older i5 and i7 CPUs are numbered. The new Coffee Lake CPU is an octa-core chip that offers a significant boost in performance over its predecessors.

The motherboard for i5 9400f is a motherboard that offers an amazing performance. It has great features like RGB lighting, 12+2 power phase design, and M.2 heatsink.

If you’re going to stay with an Intel-based system, the Intel Core i5 8400 offers the greatest value for money, and I’ve noticed a lot of people asking for the best motherboard for this CPU. These questions aren’t surprising since the i5 8400 is one of the finest gaming CPUs available right now, with six cores and the ability to operate with any mid- to high-end graphics card. I’ve even suggested it for GTX 1060 users who want to get the most out of their graphics card.

There may be some uncertainty at first about which motherboard to purchase for this CPU since there are many chipsets for LGA 1151 motherboards. I’ve included some suggestions below that should work well with the i5 8400. Not that other motherboards won’t function, but when it comes to the greatest, there are just a few options for the lowest price you can spend for the most advantages.


B360 PRO4 by ASRock

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AMAZONI IS THE PLACE TO BUY ASRock has previously developed several excellent motherboards for the B350 chipset that no other manufacturer offered at comparable pricing. This is owing to ASRock’s excellent VRM parts, which offer much greater stability than any other manufacturer for a given price. I think Asus is still the finest motherboard maker, although ASRock isn’t far behind. Because the i5 8400 isn’t an unlocked CPU, you’ll spend a lot more with Asus for the same benefits. It’s better to stay with a cheaper alternative.

The ASRock B360 Pro4 utilizes the B360 chipset, which is superior than the H310 for a number of reasons. I wouldn’t suggest using an H310 chipset with an i5 8400 CPU since you may want to upgrade to an unlocked processor in the future. In addition, the B360 features additional ports and slots to accommodate numerous components. The VRM, which has two components for greater reliability and a strong heatsink to handle heating problems, is the motherboard’s primary feature. It can handle up to 64GB of RAM at 2666MHz, which isn’t very impressive, but at less than $80, it’s a fantastic bargain. It features 6x SATA 3 connections and 2x M.2 slots for NVME SSDs for storage. For under $80, it’s pretty much the finest.


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GIGABYTE H370 HD3AMAZON IS THE PLACE TO BUY The H370 chipset is superior than the B360, and I wouldn’t suggest going higher than that unless you’re using an unlocked CPU like the i5 or i7 8700K. More ports and slots are available on this chipset for attaching components and peripherals. As a result, if you’re looking to add to your collection of peripherals or fast storage devices, this is the one to get. Gigabyte H370 HD3 features 20 PCI lanes compared to ASRock B360 Pro4’s 12, which helps to distribute additional PCI lanes across components for blazing fast performance if several components are used.

It features 4 DIMM slots to accommodate up to 2666MHz memory and additional USB ports to attach more devices. It lags behind the ASRock B360 Pro4 in the VRM department, but this isn’t a huge issue for the i5 8400 unless you plan on upgrading to a better unlocked CPU in the future. This motherboard costs $90 and comes with my second recommendation. These motherboards provide the greatest value for money, and other boards with the B360 and H370 chipsets that cost more than $100 should be avoided since a Z370 chipset motherboard costs more than $100.


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The i5-8400 socket is a socket that has been present on Intel’s 8th generation of processors. It is the best motherboard for i5-8400.

The i5-8400 socket is a motherboard that allows for the i5 8400 processor. It has been said to be an excellent motherboard for those who are looking for a new motherboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the i5 8400 still good for gaming?

What RAM works with i5 8400?

RAM is a type of memory that stores data. In order to use RAM, you must have a motherboard with RAM slots. The i5-8400 has four RAM slots, so it can take up to 64GB of RAM.

Which motherboard is best for i5 7th generation?

I am not sure what you mean by best. The motherboard is the component that connects to your CPU, which in turn connects to other components in your computer.