Have you ever looked at the prices of the best 1440p 144hz monitors, and wondered how much they’d cost if they were in the $1000-$2000 range? We’ve done the research, and tracked down the best monitors that fit that price range. By looking at the best 1440p 144hz monitors that fit that price range, you can find out which ones are the best for you.

As the first generation of 4K monitors are nearing their end of life, the first wave of 1440p 144Hz monitors are already on the market. And while first generation 4K monitors are cheaper on the consumer side, they are also more poorly manufactured. However, with the recent growth of 1440p 144Hz monitors on the market, affordable 1440p 144Hz models are now readily available, at varying quality levels.

I’m sure by now you’ve got an idea of how to choose a monitor for your new PC build. Choosing the monitor you want is the easy part, finding one that’s within your budget can be a harder feat, but not for long. I’ve gathered up the best monitor to buy under $300 for this guide.

Finding accessible monitors is usually difficult since the vast majority of them are either too costly or too old by today’s standards. But don’t be concerned, my dear reader. Today, we’ll look at the top 1440p 144hz monitors for around $300.

It’s shocking, I know, that such monitors exist. The same thing happened to me! Anyway, without further ado, let’s go into the display world and talk about the finest 1440p 144hz monitors under $300!

The top ten 1440p 144hz monitors for less than $300 (Overview)

Editor’s Choice: Samsung 32-inch G5 Odyssey


Because of its highly recognized attitude and features, the Samsung 32-inch G5 Odyssey gaming monitor takes top place.

Rate of refresh and response time

The display has a refresh rate of 144Hz, which is sufficient for rendering pictures without input delays. The monitor’s greatest feature is that it has a 1ms reaction time, which, when combined with the provided refresh rate, works wonderfully. You may now play first-person shooter games without worry of dying due to delays and delayed output results.

AMD FreeSync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync is a software that allows you to sync

The display also comes with AMD’s FreeSync technology, which is a professional method to incorporate adaptive sync into role play. FreeSync essentially enables the user to sync the monitor’s mismatched refresh rate to the GPU. Furthermore, the technology eliminates screen tearing, lowers input latency, and provides high frame rates for smooth gameplay.

Design aesthetics

It’s worth noting that the monitor features a durable and enthralling design, making it ideal for gamers. To top it off, the on-screen game-style UI adds to the overall visual appeal. Consider using a futuristic GUI to tune in and out of the settings. What more could a gamer ask for?


The borderless screen allots so much display space that the total viewing duration skyrockets. For the same price, you can cover a larger screen.

Other characteristics, such as HDR

HDR technology is also used to mix in a vivid and realistic color scheme on the display. It’s not surprising to find that color fidelity has been improved even further for game aficionados. Between the bright and dark regions, there is a distinct difference. In my view, it’s really amazing. Last but not least, you’ll receive a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 2560 x 1440 resolution.

27” 144hz 1440P Gigabyte G27Q (Runner up)


The Gigabyte G27Q 27” 144hz 1440p monitor is a solid performer, earning it the second spot on our list of monitors under $300. In terms of specs, it is jam-packed with durable features that will provide a pleasurable gaming experience.

Rate of refresh and response time

A 144hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time are used in the display. When these two elements are combined, you get a stunning display that works at its best. The 1ms reaction time aids in decreasing output results, while the 144z refresh rate accelerates the cycle the pixels go through while switching to the next image, cutting overall lag and pixel-delay.

AMD FreeSync

The Gigabyte G27Q uses AMD FreeSync to prevent screen tearing, input latency, and a mismatched refresh rate, which isn’t unexpected. All you have to do now is switch on the settings, and AMD FreeSync will begin to perform at its best.

Presets & Flicker-Free

It’s worth noting that the monitor is flicker-free and has a blue light setting to minimize the overall effect on your eyes. There’s no denying that prolonged exposure to yellow and white light may harm your eyes. As a result, Gigabyte goes above and above in terms of including ergonomics and protection layers for consumers.

Adjusting the height

Aside from that, the display has specialized height adjustment and tilting capabilities. For example, for viewing from various angles, you may change the height to a maximum of 130 mm vertically and the tilt to a maximum of 5 degrees to 20 degrees.

Layout and aesthetics

The monitor, on the other hand, is very attractive; kudos to the sleek black body. You get a fashionable style that you may show about in comparison. Furthermore, the monitor employs 8-bit color and 92 percent DCI-P3 for infusing a touch of color accuracy, enhancing overall image quality.

27″ Acer EI272UR pbmiiipx


The Acer E1272UR pbmiiipx 27” is an excellent choice. Following the evaluations, it can be determined that the monitor will perform well.

Rate of refresh and response time

It’s pointless to repeat the above-mentioned list since it applies to all 144Hz refresh rate monitors, although the panels may make a difference in certain cases. In terms of color efficiency, a 144Hz refresh rate monitor with a TN screen would vary from an IPS panel. Anyway, the reaction time is 4ms, which is a bit longer than anticipated, but it works well.

AMD FreeSync2 is a software that allows you to sync your

The monitor’s most unexpected feature is that it uses AMD Radeon FreeSync2, which is a more sophisticated version of FreeSync. This option, in particular, smooths up the screen’s mismatched frames. It’s as simple as turning on the option, and you’re done.

Layout and construction

The curved texture on the Acer EI272UR helps the monitor stand out in the crowd. A curved monitor evokes a feeling of 3D-modulation, which aids in the injection of a tint of realism into an artificial world. Curvatures play with our brains in a positive manner, despite the fact that it makes little sense to laypeople’s thinking.

Other characteristics

DisplayHDR 400 is also included, as well as VESA certification. Additionally, you will have access to specialized connectors such as DisplayPort and HDMI for connection.

The HP X27i is a 27-inch 2k gaming monitor from HP.


The HP X27i 27″ 2k gaming display is the pinnacle of excellence. Why is this the case? First and foremost, the monitor is made by HP, which means it will come with a slew of useful features.

AMD FreeSync

You’re probably asking why the list’s displays all feature AMD FreeSync rather than G-sync. AMD FreeSync displays, on the other hand, are always affordable. When compared to G-Sync displays, they are simpler to come by. To start the settings, all you have to do is activate the option.

Rate of refresh and response time

The monitor’s refresh rate is 144Hz, which is combined with IPS technology. As previously said, IPS panels provide a great crisp and smooth color texture. The viewing angle is also user-friendly, allowing you to see the screen from any angle. This makes the monitor’s refresh rate function perfectly. The reaction time is 4ms, which is acceptable for a monitor of this kind.

Construct and plan

The display employs an Ultra-wide systematic approach, which implies that it is big enough to project images. You’ll receive a 2k resolution bundle with this, which makes the total picture quality eye candy. It’s worth noting that the monitor’s construction is excellent and can resist physical damage for an extended period of time, but that doesn’t mean you should smash it!

Samsung CJG56 144hz 32-inch


The Samsung 32-inch CJG56 monitor is the next contender on the list, which is an average display when compared to premium models. Also, the most of the reviews are favorable (there are a few bad ones, but they are uncommon).

Rate of refresh and response time

The monitor’s refresh rate is 144Hz (obviously) and the latency rate is acceptable. Apart from that, the main drawback is that the monitor uses a VA panel, which although sometimes useful and worth a try, will not help you in the long term. So keep that in mind while purchasing this monitor.

AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSync technology is used to smooth out the refresh rate, frame rate, and input latency on this monitor. In summary, it’s a useful feature that’s best suited to gamers.

Modes and a curved display

The monitor also supports the concept of a curved display, which denotes a high level of engagement and encapsulation. You also have a variety of display settings (presets) to choose from, including night mode, blue light filter, yellow light filter, and much more—even the game-style UI is eye-catching for gamers.

Other characteristics

Aside from that, the display uses WQHD resolution, which is a more sophisticated version of full HD. In brief, when playing games, you get to see detailed textures and views.

The Acer ED3 27 widescreen LCD monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


On the list of Best 1440p 144hz monitors under $300, the Acer ED3 27” is another cheap widescreen monitor. The main difference is that it uses a 2k resolution and has a few customisable settings.

Rate of refresh and response time

Without a doubt, the monitor’s refresh rate is 144hz. Aside from that, the reaction time is 4 milliseconds, which is reasonable given the low cost. It’s worth noting that the monitor uses a VA panel, which will have an impact on the overall quality you see. Because in 2021, IPS panels are generally the way to go. In any case, I suppose VA panels can work.

AMD FreeSync

I understand how shocking it is to see AMD FreeSync on every other device. This option, in any case, allows the user to sync all of the distorted pixels and refresh rate. This functionality is combined with adaptive sync modularity, which dramatically increases the total frame rate generated.

Display with a curved shape

Yes, the monitor is curved, indicating that it produces a 3D effect when seen. Display with a curved shapes, on the other hand, envelop you, giving the illusion that you are immersed in the world of games. Inspiring, to say the least.

Other characteristics

It’s worth noting that the display has a lot of swivels and tilting capabilities. You may, for example, tilt the display within the range specified in the instructions. Additionally, you will have access to several ports for connection. To top it off, you’re covered by a three-year warranty.

27’inch Acer ED273UR pbidpx


Yes, it’s the same monitor, however the model is different (the one we talked about previously). The Acer ED273UR is a somewhat improved version of the ED3. The greatest thing about the monitor is that it has a QHD display, which I think is fantastic.

AMD FreeSync

It should come as no surprise that the display uses AMD synching features to align skewed frame rates. By going to the on-screen settings, you may activate the option.

Rate of refresh and response time

The monitor has a 144hz refresh rate and is equipped with a VA panel. The reaction time is 4 milliseconds. It’s always preferable to have anything in the range of 1ms2ms, even if it’s less than the specified threshold of 5ms. In any case, when used in conjunction with a VA panel, the color projection is adequate and guarantees that overall color accuracy is maintained.

Curved display

The monitor uses a curved screen with a Display resolution: WQHD once again, which improves the overall view. To top it off, you get crisp, accurate colors that are, in my view, very beneficial. It’s also worth noting that the monitor has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is sufficient for a high-end gaming setting.

Other characteristics

Aside from that, you get a 16:9 aspect ratio, tilting capabilities of up to 15 degrees, and connection features. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent option for gamers.

31.5-inch AOPEN 32HC1QUR Pbidpx


The AOPEN 32HC1QUR is the next possibility, and it’s a strong contender, bringing WQHD technology into role play. The greatest thing about the monitor is that it costs precisely $300, suggesting that it is a budget-friendly option.

Rate of refresh and response time

It goes without saying that the monitor has a 144hz refresh rate and a 4ms reaction time, which is, in my view, very good. The VA is used once again since such monitors are subsidized and come with VA panels. There’s nothing you can do about the color accuracy and viewing characteristics if you don’t like them.

AMD FreeSync

Surprisingly, AMD FreeSync is used by the display to match the refresh rate of the monitor with the refresh rate of the GPU, allowing the FPS to stabilize. Furthermore, if the refresh rate is not correctly synchronized, you may notice an increase in temperatures, therefore it’s always a good idea to switch it on.

Eye protection and a curved display

It’s worth noting that the monitor employs curved screens to improve overall viewing quality. To turn it off, it also heavily injects eye protection technology, which aids in preserving and protecting your eye’s general health, since prolonged and on-spree use may sometimes result in negative side effects.

Nixeus EDG 27″ IPS 2560 x 1440 Nixeus EDG 27″ IPS Nixeus EDG 27″ IPS Nixe


It’s time to shine a light on the Nixeus EDG 27″ display, which is yet another excellent product in the ever-growing area of gaming and graphics.

Rate of refresh and response time

The display has a 144hz refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming without hitches or delays. My own experience with 144hz displays has been positive. They’re resounding in every manner, believe me. To top it off, the monitor has a reaction time of less than one millisecond in PTR latency mode and four milliseconds in GtG mode. That’s despite the fact that you now have multiple reaction times for gameplay and graphics. It’s also worth noting that the monitor makes significant use of an IPS screen, which improves overall color accuracy. The IPS panel performs well when combined with the refresh rate.

G-Sync and AMD FreeSync

This monitor also has AMD Freesync, which is a function that matches your GPU’s refresh rate with that of the display. All you have to do is turn the option on by going to the monitor’s settings panel. Apart from that, you may still utilize this option if you have an Nvidia GPU since Nvidia just enabled AMD Freesync to operate on their GPUs.

Furthermore, you may utilize G-Sync with this display, making it the only monitor on the list with dual choices, thus broadening users’ total horizons.

Layout and construction

The monitor’s design and construction are both strong and durable in every aspect. Because the monitor is made of high-quality materials, you can count on it to last for many years. Last but not least, you’ll find a variety of connections and connectors to make it simple to turn on your display.

Acer XG270HU omidpx 27 inch WQHD Acer XG270HU omidpx 27 inch WQHD Acer XG270HU


The Acer XG270HU is the last product on the list, and it works just as well as any of the other items on the table. Please do not disregard this entry.

Rate of refresh and response time

The Acer XG270HU uses a 144hz refresh rate (obviously) and has a reaction time of 1ms, which I believe is insurmountable. Aside from that, you’ll receive a great panel for enhancing your gaming experience.

AMD FreeSync

Yes, AMD Free Sync is used in the final product to sync all of the distorted frames on the screen. You can use it with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, so you’re secure.

Layout and construction

The monitor is tough and has a long lifespan, so it should last at least two years. Aside from that, the display has tilting and swivel capabilities for adjusting viewing angles. It’s as simple as moving the display (horizontally or vertically) and calling it a day.

WQHD display

It’s really amazing to see that the monitor uses flicker-free technology with WQHD resolution, which, in short, improves color accuracy and provides a relaxing viewing experience for the viewer.

Finally, some ideas

Before we wrap up this post, I’d want to point out that the list above is not exhaustive. To be honest, with the latest advancements in display technology, you may anticipate the list to grow indefinitely. But, once again, that was not our goal. We tested all of the goods before submitting them, demonstrating the stringent testing criteria that each submission was subjected to. Anyway, if you believe the list is incorrect or the goods are incorrect (which I strongly doubt), please let me know in the comments section.

Aside from that, if you want to know my suggestion, I would offer the Samsung 32-inch G5 Odyssey gaming monitor since it is a flexible entry into the Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under $300 list.

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You can spend a lot of money on monitors, but none as good as the G-sync monitors. If you want to get the best display for your money, you want to get a G-sync display. But you should also keep in mind that there are also other very good 1440p 144hz monitors that you can get for a lot of the money. There are some 1440p 144hz monitors that you can get for $200, and some 1440p 144hz monitors that you can get for $300.. Read more about best 4k monitor under $300 and let us know what you think.


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