Anthem, the new first-person shooter from BioWare, just got a new update on PC. Here’s what the new update brings to the table.

The Anthem team has been pushing updates across the day as they make changes and fixes to the game. To provide some advance notice of what to expect, just a reminder that the team just released update 1.0.3 which includes some very welcome changes.

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It seems like BioWare will be releasing a major update this evening, which will provide some substantial in-game enhancements. The Anthem Update 1.0.3 is scheduled to be live today (March 9th) between 13:00 and 15:00 GMT, while Central Time is between 7:00 and 9:00 AM. Changes include fixing Anthem problems, altering the existing loot system, removing respawn limitations, and improving audio.

Taking this a step further, Agent Missions, Crit-path, and missions that aren’t end-game focused will now have a 10 second respawn period, aligning the timings with the activity each player is engaged in. Legendary contracts and Strongholds, as well as a number of other endgame tasks, will be subject to a 30-second respawn timer. Respawns in freeplay mode, on the other hand, will remain unchanged.

There has also been a modification to both Common and Uncommon loot drops, which means that players who have reached level 30 will no longer receive these drops — a much-needed adjustment.


Crashing issues, as well as disconnects, are both good additions to Anthem Update 1.0.3, since the stability pass added to all platforms should now mitigate these issues.

Take a look at the full list of changes in the Reddit post, but in general, the patch has brought some much-needed quality-of-life improvements that gamers should like.

If you’re at Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, for example, you may now begin an expedition as long as you’re in the region. Harvest nodes, explosive canisters, and other destructible objects may also be utilized to protect The Colossus from being charged.

Update 1.0.3 — there’s still a long way to go

Aside from the aforementioned improvements, BioWare has shown a slew of issues they’re trying to fix, including stormy weather causing javelin thrusters to suffer visual effects, and challenges not tracking properly.

The game hasn’t had a fantastic start since its debut, with players complaining about a variety of issues, including a level 1 glitch that affects the rifle, possibly making ordinary loot far more powerful – perhaps making it more powerful than any other weapon in Anthem. Then there’s the PlayStation 4 crash issue, which causes the system to behave as though the power cord has been disconnected.

It’s admirable of the developers to keep working on the game rather than abandoning it, but can a game with so many flaws be turned into something positive? I’m not convinced.

If you’re having no problems with Anthem, have a look at our Anthem wiki guide, which covers topics like the Anthem Alliance system and Anthem combos.

Have you seen Anthem yet? It’s now available for purchase on Amazon.

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