The protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition is a mage, a class that is the most versatile since it can be used to play more than one character. However, I have found myself using only one character, the Inquisitor, for the last few weeks. No matter how much I tried, I simply had not had enough time to finish the last DLC for the game in the time allotted. So, I decided to create this guide for new players who are not willing to invest so much time.

The Dragon Age series has become one of the most popular RPG’s in recent years. It has intricately detailed and engaging storylines that are dripping with forbidden romance and political intrigue. The game has also been praised for its realistic take on magic and its deep, challenging combat system. In this guide we will be explaining both of these aspects of the game as we teach you how to play as an Inquisitor and Dorian in the game’s Nightmare Difficulty.

The Dragon Age series has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, and I have been eager to play Inquisition ever since its announcement. With all the hype surrounding this game, I knew I needed to play as a female Inquisitor, which is why I decided to create a guide on how to play as Inquisitor & Dorian, only on Nightmare difficulty.

Being a fan of Dragon Age and especially Dragon Age Inquisition, I couldn’t resist adding this to the page. It’s kind of an old game, but it’s also kind of a success for me.

Anyway, in case you don’t know, I’m a big Dorian fan and therefore consider myself a Dorian. So I chose him as a partner for my Inquisitor, or Inca as the fans now call him, who gradually finds himself in a world of disorder and destruction, an often sarcastic man who actually wanted to conquer the world and kill everyone, until he met Dorian, and from then on it was love at first sight.

See their love grow stronger and together they defeat the darkness and Corife to bring peace and hope to the world of Tedas.

(Basically, this guide shows how I managed to play the game with just the Inquisitor and Dorian on the hardest difficulty, Nightmare mode).


About my passage (The Inquisitor):

  • Creditor Andraste
  • The mistress of a sorcerer
  • Sarcastic
  • Hate Warrick
  • Hate Solas
  • Hate the iron bull
  • Hate Cullen
  • Dorian Romances

Selfie Pavus believes in Andraste because he believes that the hope that comes from a strong faith can give positive energy to those who need it.

His sarcastic and indifferent attitude may have a negative effect on those around him, but deep down he’s fine.
But his personality led to a certain rivalry between him and Warrick.

He never liked Solas because he thinks he knows too much and doesn’t tell the truth about everything. That’s why it can’t be trusted.

His hatred for the Iron Bull stems primarily from his blinding love for Dorian and the realization that his Kunari race is in constant rivalry with Dorian’s homeland, Tevinter. He doesn’t trust Iron Bull, even though he’s not a threat himself.

He adores Dorian and finds that their characters and interests are very similar.

As a mage, he dislikes the Templars because he knows about the military mutiny and has trust issues, which also makes him dislike Cullen. You can see more here

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There’s a few things to be aware of when playing the Nightmare Difficulty of Dragon Age Inquisition. The most important is that you want to level up your first party member to level 20 as fast as possible. DO NOT waste points on finding those rare gems that only drop from elites.. Read more about dragon age: inquisition qunari female and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Inquisitor keep their arm?

Yes, the Inquisitor can keep their arm.

Can the Inquisitor get married?

The Inquisitor can get married, but it is not possible to marry a companion.

Does the Inquisitor die Dragon Age?

No, the Inquisitor does not die in Dragon Age.


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