Dragon Age Inquisition is a role playing game set in a fantasy world. The game is full of twists, turns, and heart-pounding action. With a wide variety of characters to choose from you can go through the game based on your play style and any additional choices you make. The Inquisitor is a single player character that you can play as in this game.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to solo Inquisitor in the Mage class in the Dragon Age Inquisition. This playthrough will use Nightmare difficulty and will be a Mage-only build.

Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition since the Mage class was released. I’ve been using DAI: Inquisition since the very beginning and have played through the game on the hardest difficulty “Nightmare” several times already. I just recently started a fresh game, this time using the Inquisitor class and had a blast playing through the story. I felt like the Inquisitor class was very underrated and I wanted to make an in-depth guide for all of you people to learn all the intricacies of the Inquisitor class and how to take full advantage of all of the skills this class has to offer.


As a big fan of the Dragon Age series and in particular Dragon Age Inquisition, I couldn’t resist adding to this page. It’s pretty old, but it’s also kind of a success for me.

I don’t see many single player trials of Dragon Age Inquisition either, so I wanted to change that.
For this game, I let my YouTube subscribers decide who my inquisitor would have an affair with. So a poll was taken and it was finally decided that she should be with Cullen. I will admit that the romantic story of the Cullens in this game is pretty good and my first romantic story in the game was when I was playing blind.

(Basically, this walkthrough shows how I single-handedly went through the entire game with ONLY the Inquisitor, or Inquisitor as fans call this character these days. I decided to play as a mage, my favorite class. I played on the highest difficulty, Nightmare mode).


About my passage (The Inquisitor):

  • Friendly
  • Don’t believe in Andraste
  • Those who hate Lirium
  • Cullen romances (selected by my regular subscribers)
  • Loves Warrick
  • Hate Kazandra
  • Hate Dorian
  • Hate Solas
  • Hate Vivienne

Selfie Solo is actually a nice person with a charming personality. However, when she discovered her love and interest in Cullen and heard how the mages had treated him in the past, her love for him blinded her and she began to despise the other mages, which led her to become a wizard knight. She became a knight wizard to try and ignore the fact that she is also a wizard.

She also has a soft spot for Warrick, though she doesn’t know why, maybe she just feels sorry for him or something.
Anyway, after hearing what Cassandra thinks of him, she hates him too.

She does not believe in Andraste because it could cause clashes and divide the opinions of the masses. She would prefer to live in a more peaceful world, where everyone could live side by side in peace and harmony. You can see more here

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 (DAI) Dragon Age Inquisition – Inquisitor ONLY SOLO (Mage – Nightmare Difficulty) Playthrough Guide. Read more about dragon age: inquisition how to beat nightmare mode and let us know what you think.


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