Strand is the most important and intriguing part in Death Stranding which is a mystery that could last for eternity. Strand is a process of connecting the dead with the living, making the dead aware of their death and the way they’ll be received by the living after their death

Death Stranding is a new video game that has been in development at Sony Interactive Entertainment since early 2017. The game was first announced at the PlayStation Experience 2017 event, and has been confirmed to be a part of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s 4k gaming line-up.

Death Stranding is a new game from Kojima Productions. It was created by Kojima and the team at Kojima Productions in order to deliver on Kojima’s promise to show us the world where we live and how it has changed over time, while at the same time telling a story about how those changing times affect us. (Above is just an example of the intro paragraph i will write)

Death Stranding is a flawed yet intriguing inversion of large budget expectations by filmmaker Hideo Kojima. It marks not just a break with his previous employers at Konami, but also a break from Metal Gear’s narrative and gameplay traditions, which have become more stifling.

While most of Metal Gear was contained inside his own box, Kojima now has the freedom to not just surprise and shock us, but also to experiment. Despite the auteur title and the prestige that comes with it, few other designers dare to do so. Death Stranding is Kojima at his most self-indulgent, for better or worse.

“Death Stranding” is a mystery game that is in the making, and it is the latest project from the Kojima Productions team. The game is being developed by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment. “Death Stranding” will be the very first game to use the PlayStation 4’s “Playstation 4 Pro”.. Read more about death stranding honest review and let us know what you think.

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