The recent news that Doom Eternal will not include multiplayer, but instead focus on the campaign and its newly-revealed “Totem” system has been met with a fair amount of disappointment amongst the Doom community. However, there are a host of ways to deal with the situation, whether you play solo or with friends. This guide will go over all the collectibles and secrets that you can find in the game.

The UAC Facility is a location in DOOM Eternal, and one of the most intriguing areas on the entire game. While there’s a ton to explore, there’s a lot that’s still left a mystery, like the ancient artifacts that are scattered around the map. But where can they all be found? “Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods: All Collectibles / Secrets (UAC Atlantica Facility) Guide” will help you find everything in the most efficient and time-saving way possible.

We love this time of year, when the giant monsters of the UAC’s UAC Facility come to life and roam the halls searching for human blood. It’s a wonderful time to get to know these monsters and their various personalities, whether they’re friendly, helpful, or downright malicious. But how do you get more information on these creatures? Where do you learn what a given monster does, how it speaks, what it eats? What does it like to say and what does it become angry about?


Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods expansion is here, along with many new levels, missions and, of course, collectibles.

These collectibles usually include the support rune, mysterious encounters, the Seraphim book, and much more!

On this page we will present all collectibles that can be found in the UAC Atlantica Facility. There are a total of 7 different collectibles that you can find. However, the total is 18 if you also include the BGF ammo slots and the car cards, which are not required to complete the mission at 100%, but are still nice to have.

Also remember that even if you have almost completed a mission, you can go back and get the missing items. As long as you don’t leave the mission altogether.

  • CODEX : 4/4


  • It can be found during the Get the Key from Seraphim mission. From the location on the map above, walk down the slope and, keeping to the right, through the next door.
  • Go from there to the left and jump down the stairs.
  • The collector’s item is at the bottom of the stairs.

#2 – EXTRA LIFE (1)

  • Jump to the same mission target each time Get the seraph key and climb to the top of a nearby structure (see image above). You can find health here, but especially if you look up and to the right, you will see a crushed air vent.
  • Use an orange snake to swing at this fan, and of course destroy it.
  • From there, just keep going through the slot.

  • You can find the Extra Life in here

#NR. 3 – SECRET ZONE (1)

  • Take the red key card that unlocks the red door next to it and go through this unlocked door.
  • Go left up the stairs and onto the platform to see another door with a red entrance.
  • Once through this door, you will enter a room full of red laser beams. Go to the next area.
  • Go to the area right below you, you have to use a pipe to swing through it.
  • In the next room, turn right to meet another door with a red entrance.
  • The secret is out!


  • At this point we should have blue and red cards, we should also be outside (as shown in the image above). Turn left here to flip the switch that creates wind and, more importantly, prevents you from jumping to the other side (flip the switch from green to orange).
  • Once you’ve made the switch, jump to the other side and continue on your way.
  • Go up the stairs and at the top you’ll see the following page with code


  • At this point we should have blue and red cards, we should also be out (as in the picture above). Turn left here to flip the switch that creates wind and, more importantly, prevents you from jumping to the other side (flip the switch from green to orange).
  • Once you’ve made the switch, jump to the other side and continue on your way.
  • After reaching the platform in front of and behind the wind switch. Stop, turn around and look down, here you can discover the secret meeting.
  • Turn the wind switch off again, as it will now likely be turned back on.
  • Then you run and jump to the secret meeting. Defeat all enemies within the time limit to unlock the Industrial Espionage 1/2 category.

#NR. 6 – SECRET ZONE (2)

  • Go to the area shown in the photos above and from there, use the hanging swing to cross the huge gorge below.
  • However, be sure to turn off the wind switch after waving your hand (from green to orange).
  • Then when you start to fall, quickly jump onto the wall in front of you and climb up.
  • Climb up and over the platform and the door on the left where the enemy may be.
  • This is where you will find the secret (blue ball head).


  • Go to the area in the pictures above and then through the door. But, before you walk through the door, stop
  • Look to your right (if the door is in front of you), you should see a balcony platform that you can jump onto, so do it.
  • Follow this balcony to the next collector’s item


  • Go to the area in the pictures above and go through the door.
  • Ignore the stairs on the left and stay on the lower level.
  • The collector’s item is just around the corner, behind the fuel tank.


  • Go to the place in the pictures above (to the right of the hunter’s door), carefully cross the red laser beams.
  • The car map is on the other side of the next room.


To find out where and how to get the key to the Slayer Gate, see my other guide here.

The supporting rune is your reward for passing through the Slayer’s Portal.

#11 – SECRET ZONE (3)

  • Go to the pictures above, then descend to the platform below and descend into the real water.
  • Collect the bubble, then go right and find an air shaft to explore.
  • Swim up and through the air outlet
  • Break the ventilation panel to find another blue balloon.


  • Go to the area in the pictures above. From here, follow the stairs to the right (follow the quest marker).
  • But, once you reach the top of the ladder, stop. Now we want to ignore the door with the quest mark (right door), instead we want to go through the door on the left.
  • Enter the next room to find a usable wetsuit.
  • Activate the terminal on the left side of the suit.
  • Leave this room, ignore the door with the quest sign, instead go down the stairs and jump into the water. Therefore a wetsuit is in fact
  • Look underwater for a clearing near the bubble.

  • Pause at the end of this area.
  • If you follow this hole, you will come to the next secret meeting. Industrial espionage 2/2

#NR. 13 – BFG AMMO

  • After you do #12 – Secret Meeting (2), go back through the pit you came from.
  • Swim to the bubble you swam through earlier and turn left at the bubble.
  • You’ll find BFG ammo in the first place on the left after that, so go down a bit and turn left.

#14 – SECRET ZONE (4)

  • We should have a nice electrified floor here. Jump over all the electrical gadgets, we want to land in the north-eastern part of this room (to the right of the stairs).
  • Follow the path of darkness in the water
  • Swim northeast, look down, if you need a bell it should be here.
  • Go left into this bubble to discover a tunnel (in the niche of the broken pipe). In any case, there should be a blue ball in the tunnel with the broken pipe.

#15 – EXTRA LIFE (2)

  • Here you should see a sea of flames and some ships that have seen better days, but go ahead. Let’s move on…
  • After seeing all the carnage and destruction, turn around and give the next switch a good whack. This results in moving the freight container to the neighborhood
  • Once the container is stationary, jump onto a nearby swing and use it to climb onto the roof of this shipping container. The container has now been moved
  • A ride in a shipping container, ooooh
  • Once it stops, run and jump to a visible wall that you can climb, near the floating bubble.
  • Climb up, or at least as high as you can, and then turn right to find a fairly large opening in the wall that you should be able to jump into.
  • Follow the next path to the right and welcome the fearsome knight who may now appear.
  • Behind it must be what you want – an extra life.

#NR. 16 – EXTRA LIFE (3)

  • Here you should note that Vie Extra goes through a closed door, how on earth do you get through? It’s very simple, and you can start by turning around and jumping here.
  • Follow the underwater tunnel north to the closed door.
  • Don’t leave the tunnel, just keep following it. Eventually you have to reach a part of this tunnel where you can climb out of the water.
  • Now come out of the water, turn around and go back through the tunnel in the direction you came from. This will eventually lead you to Extra Life

#17 – SECRET ZONE (5)

  • Jump into the water here, there’s a bubble under you if you need it.
  • However, there will be a fragile segment in the ground underneath. Passing and how wonderful another Blue Ball!

#18 – BFG AMMO

  • Look for an area where blue energy is coming from, this blue energy will push you into the sky.
  • After being thrown into the air, land on the next platform to find BFG ammo.



Use the following guide to get 100% completion of the UAC Atlantica Facility. If you can’t find a collectible in the game, check out the collectibles page for a direct link to the video walkthrough.. Read more about doom eternal ancient gods secrets the holt and let us know what you think.{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I get to the second secret encounter in UAC Atlantica facility?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” You will need to complete the first encounter in the facility.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get 2up UAC in Atlantica?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” 2up UAC is a type of weapon that can be obtained in Atlantica.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many extra life are in Doom eternal ancient gods?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” There are no extra lives in Doom Eternal.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the second secret encounter in UAC Atlantica facility?

You will need to complete the first encounter in the facility.

How do you get 2up UAC in Atlantica?

2up UAC is a type of weapon that can be obtained in Atlantica.

How many extra life are in Doom eternal ancient gods?

There are no extra lives in Doom Eternal.


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