The LIQFUSION is the first AIO liquid cooler to be powered by a single RGB LED. It features an integrated pump, reservoir, and fan with a controller that can be controlled via software or mobile app.

The enermax liqfusion 240 review is a new AIO liquid cooler that has RGB lighting. It is perfect for gamers who want to customize their computer’s look.

ENERMAX, a renowned designer and producer of high-performance PC hardware, has announced the release of the Liqfusion line of all-in-one liquid coolers. The prototype of the cooler, which is a closed-loop water cooler, was initially shown at CES 2018 and immediately grabbed media and visitor interest due to its stunning and dazzling lighting effects. LIQFUSION is an eye-catching AIO thanks to its robust ceramic pump, eye-catching ENERMAX RGB fans, and water block with the distinctive flow indication design.


The AIO comes with an exclusive RGB-sync water block with a patented flow indicator that allows the user to easily monitor the status of coolant flow, allowing you to rest assured about the functionality of your AIO. This seems like a nice feature to have because it can help you avoid any damage to other components due to coolant leakage. LIQFUSION can produce unique, vibrant RGB lighting effects when combined with aesthetically attractive ENERMAX addressable RGB fans.

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The AIO comes with pre-programmed RGB Sync and can sync RGB lighting with sophisticated motherboards with addressable RGB connectors, allowing users to design their own effects through the motherboard RGB software platform, resulting in an amazing multi-color illumination over your setups. Those without an RGB connection on their motherboard may use the accompanying RGB Control Box to choose their desired lighting color, speed, and effects, as well as 14 predetermined presets.

The following are some of the cooler’s main features:

  • Water block with unique RGB-Sync and innovative flow indication design
  • Support for the most recent RGB M/B Sync addressable technology
  • RGB Control Box with Integrated Lighting
  • Ceramic bearing pump with high efficiency for long life and quiet operation.

A 240mm radiator and two 120mm RGB fans are included with the cooler. By using addressable RGB connectors, Enermax developed the cooler to sync its RGB lights with certain ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboards. Enermax provides a control box for non-RGB motherboards so you can still light things up with 14 effects settings.

The cooler is made of 400mm (15.75 inch) long woven tubing. It includes universal metal mounting kits that support Intel’s (LGA2066/2011-3/2011/1366/1156/1155/1151/1150/775) and AMD’s (AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1) newest sockets. There is also a video tutorial for installing the cooler, which will assist non-technical people.


Enermax’s AIO will be available this month, but the pricing has not yet been disclosed. Visit the Enermax website for additional information about the cooler.


The enermax liqfusion 280 is a new AIO liquid cooler from ENERMAX. It features RGB LED lighting and comes in three different colors, blue, green, and red.

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