The Fable Anniversary Update and Patch on the Way are modules which are going to be added to your game as a patch. The Fable Anniversary Update increases the maximum level for your character to 60 and adds new features like a stamina bar, new settings for the difficulty level, and new social features to the game. The Patch on the Way is designed for users that have downloaded the Fable Anniversary Update and will update your game to the latest version.

The Fable Anniversary Update / Patch On the Way! If you’ve been following the news, you know that Microsoft released the Fable Anniversary Update (a free update for all Fable Anniversary customers) in mid-June to celebrate the game’s first anniversary (May 6, 2015). Since then, the team has been hard at work developing the Fable Anniversary Update Patch (aka .96, aka “Fable Anniversary 1.0”) to improve the game’s stability and to fix some bugs.

Hello again, and welcome to another blog update, where I will be covering everything we know about the Fable Anniversary update for Xbox One. So far there has been no official confirmation on when this update will be released, however based on previous updates we can safely assume it will be out sometime this year.

Lionhead Studios has revealed that a patch for Fable Anniversary is in the works, which will address stability issues like as freezes and lockups. The entire forum post may be seen below.

“At the time, our top goal is to ensure that the stability problems you’re having are resolved.

“Over the last several days, we’ve been working hard to track down and identify the problems that cause your games to stall or lock up” (we know how annoying that is).

“We’ve discovered some possible stability problems that may be causing your lockups/freezes, and a new title update will be released to patch the game and hopefully solve them.”

“Of course, generating a title update isn’t immediate, and we want to be extremely cautious not to create any more problems by rolling out such an update, so extensive testing is required before releasing anything publicly.”

“There is no current ETA on when this title update will be released; however, I will make every effort to obtain updates for you as often as possible, and as soon as I am able to provide a time frame, I will notify you.”

Fable Anniversary is finally out, and as usual, it’s been an eventful month for the game. Fable Anniversary Patch 1.2 is here, and with the release of the patch, we’d like to give you some background information on what’s new and what’s changed.. Read more about fable anniversary patch pc and let us know what you think.

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