The Monster Hunters of the God Eater universe are tasked with slaying the most powerful monsters of the dangerous world.

The God Eater series is a highly popular Japanese role playing game series based on the novel of the same name, which is currently available in English through a number of outlets. The God Eater series is a third person role playing game in which players take control of a character who is a member of a rebellion fighting against the powerful God-Eaters, powerful monsters that can devour any living being in their path. The God Eater series has a series of spin off games with the aim of getting them onto consoles, and God Eater Resurrection is the latest in the series.

Soon after God Eater 3 was announced, Bandai Namco confirmed that it was a PlayStation 4-only title. Since then, very little has been said about the game. Now, we can add another detail: a closed beta for God Eater 3 is set to take place on July 17. The God Eater 3 beta will run for two days and will be held in Japan. The beta will allow players to test out the latest version of the game, but will not offer access to the game’s online features. Players who pre-order God Eater 3 will have a chance to register for the closed beta, but players who pre-order the game digitally or purchase additional downloadable content will not be able to participate. ~~


“God Eater 3 fills the gap well if you’re searching for an animé gaming fix.”

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing the earlier God Eater games, as is the case with many older titles with new sequels, despite the fact that I’d been intending to do so since a buddy claimed these games would be just up my alley. I was in for a real treat. I had totally forgotten that this game resembled an animated film. I was already awestruck within the first few minutes, and it was clear that this game would eat up all of my spare time for the following several weeks. God Eater 3, created by Marvelous First Studio and released by Bandai Namco, is the subject of my review.

Hungry Hounds is a story about a pack of hungry hounds

You begin the game as a prisoner, young, faceless, and hooded. You take on the role of an Adaptive God Eater, or AGE. That is, someone who can navigate the Ashlands, the blasted remains of the past that have become the outer world, hostile to ordinary humans. Your one-of-a-kind mission is to battle and kill Aragami, the game’s equivalent of conventional monsters, mostly to clear paths for other people to safely travel through.

You’ll be able to change the appearance of your avatar from here. This step took me a long time since there were so many appealing options, from haircuts to voices. You can alter parts of your look later in the game for variety’s sake, so don’t get too tied to the amount of clothing you start with – you’ll ultimately have your own wardrobe that you can mix and match to make your experience as animé as you want it to be.

Moving ahead, there’s an early time jump – you’ve reached adulthood and must now take a test to determine whether you can survive in the Ashlands. There will be several tutorials sprinkled throughout the game to give you a brief overview of the fundamentals, as well as a few cutscenes to round it all out. As you go along, the narrative beats will keep arriving, and it won’t be difficult to stay up. You’re more than likely to retry challenges just to experiment with different weaponry and whatnot.

God Eater 3 looks and plays similarly to CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter series, if that wasn’t clear enough. While that comparison is simple to draw, God Eater 3 stands out in terms of gameplay, pace, narrative, and, of course, the animé aesthetic; if you’re seeking for an animé fix, God Eater 3 will do just well. As if the idea wasn’t already Japanese and edgy enough, Ashlands fashion includes black electrical tape, which should appeal to both waifus and husbandos.

The third entry in the God Eater series is not a reboot so much as an evolution. The game is a more evolved version of the previous entries in the series, which is reflected in a number of ways, including the new protagonist and a number of improvements to the combat system.. Read more about god eater 3 story and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is God Eater 3 better?

God Eater 3 is a sequel to the game, so it is better in that sense. However, Beat Saber has more content and features than God Eater 3.

Should I play God Eater 3 switch?

If youre looking for a game that is easy to play, has an in-game tutorial, and doesnt require much skill then God Eater 3 Switch would be a good choice.

Is God Eater 3 like Monster Hunter?

No, God Eater 3 is a completely different game.

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