The new ATX12VO standard is set to be the most revolutionary change in PC power supply design since the introduction of ATX, and motherboard vendors are preparing for it.

The atx12vo seasonic is a new standard that all PSU and motherboard manufacturers are preparing for. This will allow the use of smaller components, which will help to reduce heat and power consumption.

PSU and motherboard makers were not pleased with Intel’s choice to push the new ATX12VO standard on motherboards a few days ago. This is because manufacturers will need to make significant modifications to their goods.

However, according to HardwareLuxx, a German website, a few manufacturers are prepared to adjust to the changes and have already prepared some of their goods for the upcoming shift. The information comes from Roman der8auer Hartung’s discussion with several suppliers. Only Asus and ASRock replied out of many motherboard manufacturers.


This year, ASRock will release the Z590 Pro motherboard, which will include the 10-pin ATX12VO connection. Asus is creating the Prime Z490-S with an ATX12VO connection, according to HardwareLuxx. This is how the new connection will appear: is the source of this image.

The connection is much smaller and more power-efficient than the conventional 24-pin ATX connector, as seen in the image. Because of the reasons I mentioned in my previous article, many motherboard makers are reluctant to utilize the new connection in their devices right now.

Vendors, on the other hand, will progressively embrace the new technology. While motherboard makers are preparing for the ATX12VO standard, several power supply manufacturers have verified that they have ATX12VO-ready power supplies.

Seasonic, for example, offers a Focus GX650 unit that utilizes a 10-in ATX connection and is Intel-approved, and it is presently producing more. Corsair is already on the scene, with a 24-pin to 10-pin converter for ATX12VO-compatible motherboards currently available.

ATX12VO adapter


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PSU and Motherboard vendors are preparing for the new ATX12VO standard. The new standard will be released this year, so now is the time to start looking into what motherboard you want for your next build. Reference: alder lake motherboard.

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